Our Five Ring Circus: Away We Go!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Away We Go!

It is 8:00 AM, and we are on the road to Michigan! One glorious week of relaxation and no responsibilities (other than the kids, of course!) awaits us.

I am currently crammed in the back seat between Lexie and Dylan. The SUV is completely packed with our stuff. I am surrounded by food, drinks, books, toys, blankets, and pillows.

Pack light is not a rule in this house. My rule? Always. Be. Prepared. And I am!

Grant and Nannie are in the front. I am anticipating at least one potty break an hour. For Nannie! She likes to tour each rest stop! ;) The 4 1/2 hour drive will be stretched into 6 hours.

I have a lot on my mind. One month from today, my baby boy starts Kindergarten.

I am heartbroken.

I know that he will love it. He is very social and outgoing. I, however, am in serious denial over the fact that he's growing up. Rapidly.

I hide my true feelings, and act excited about his upcoming school year. I don't want him to worry or get upset. I want him to be excited and happy about starting Kindergarten!

I already tear up when I think about him climbing on the bus on the first day. I will put on a happy face for him, wave and smile as the bus pulls away...and then break into tears when the bus turns the corner.

I hear that sending your child to Kindergarten is incredibly difficult, but the subsequent years are easy! I sure hope so.

All I know, is that I'm going to need a strong support system on that day!

Okay, enough about that. Let's get back to the fun! Which will begin in about 6 hours, when we finally reach our destination!

Grosse Pointe, Michigan, HERE WE COME!


  1. HAVE A GREAT ROAD TRIP!!! packing light doesn't happen for us either. You seriously almost had me in tears thinking about when my oldest will start kinder...ahhh. I know you'll be fine and he'll LOVE it, but like you, you can't help but think they are growing up TOO fast! :) Don't worry, I'll be a super mess, crying every day! HAVE FUN!!

  2. Safe travels!!! Maybe we will get to see each other when you are here! The weather this weekend is supposed to be perfect, but unfortunately some storms are brewing for the beginning of the week.

  3. I'll have just done it about a week or 2 before you, I think Ironman starts on the 23rd, so I'll talk and cry you through it!!!

  4. The first day of kindergarten is always bittersweet. It's hard not to be excited when they are so excited! This is my second year in a row of having to send a new kindergartener to school! Brynne will be 5 tomorrow. The 5th birthday is always an emotional one for me.

    Have a wonderful trip! My gosh, the thought of such cooler weather makes me so jealous! It's going to be 100 degrees here every day this week. Even my heat-hearty bushes are brown from the scorching heat!

  5. I am that "always prepared" mommy too! :)

    I know that first day will be hard, but think of how well you've prepared him for a lifetime of learning and making friends... good job Mom!

  6. Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy every minite of it. Can't wait to see pics <3

  7. Enjoy your stay! I thought about you yesterday, as we were at the Tiger's game.

  8. have a great trip. do share ur experience & pics with us. cant wait!!

  9. i am a little upset about patrick going to. child number 1 and 3 was easy, for whatever reason, baby number 2 was the most difficult adjustment for me in k. i don't know yet how i will feel about patrick. i am worried if he will be ok.

  10. Enjoy your visit to Michigan...and this time before you officially have a kindergartener. I do know how you feel; I'm almost crying because this is our last year before kindergarten...and I keep wondering where did the time go?

    Truly hope you are having a wonderful time!!!

  11. have a safe and wonderful trip sissy! I am always like that, too prepared hahah our car is always full though we'll only be gone for a night hhaha

    cant wait for the vacation photos!

  12. have fun on your trip :)

    I am trying to decide if Alex should do preschool this year. Time goes soo fast I can't believe I am thinking about preschool

  13. have a great time! Kindergarten is harder than any other grade, even pre-school!

  14. We were about 20 minutes for you then... Hope you had a good vacay!


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