Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is my day to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do...so I can remind myself just how sweet they once were when they become teenagers! ;)

The other morning, I gently shook Lexie to wake her up. Before her eyes even opened, she muttered, "Froggy Toe Food." Then she sat up, grinned at me, and said, even louder, "Froggy Toe Food!" I guess that's the new hello.

I overheard Dylan and Lexie discussing their favorite places to go. Lexie told Dylan, " I like Old Navy. It's a beautiful place to go. It's my favorite place to go!" Dear Lord, the teenage years are going to be expensive.

Our dogs are constantly trying to steal leftover food. The other day, Lexie yelled, "Mommy! Pepe is trying to get my eating stuff." That's the alternative word for food.

Dylan and Lexie insisted on wearing guitar (or Tah-Tar as Lexie puts it) shirts today. Dylan wanted me to take a picture. Lexie just wanted to brush her teeth.


(And, wow, he totally shot up another inch or two since he was measured two weeks ago!)

Lexie gets nervous walking down the stairs at my parent's house. She always says, "I'm afraid! I'm just a little girl!"

Mr. Matter of Fact informed me, as we were heading to the grocery store, "Mommy, if I'm acting bad I will talk to myself and say, 'Stop it! This is not the way you're supposed to act!'" I like that idea.

Dylan saw a rabbit in my parent's yard the other day. He said, "Hi Bunny! I'm Dylan. This is my sister, Lexie. She gets into trouble." Indeed, she does. But so do you, buddy boy!

The kids are having a great time with their new hermit crabs. Playing with Legos is so much more fun now!


And finally, Mr. I-Have-Had-A-Loose-Tooth-For-A-Year-And-It-Refuses-To-Fall-Out, now has FOUR loose teeth. It appears that the stubborn tooth is going to fall out very soon, and he's complaining about how it feels funny.


  1. Your kids are so funny (and cute!). I like how he totally called out his sister and said she gets into trouble. LOL

  2. Your Tuesday Tidbits always make me laugh! Your kids are hilarious, Love the Froggy toe food!!

  3. awww they are soooo cute :) love that talk to myself thingy of Lexie :)

    oh btw sis, got an award for you

  4. HOW CUTE!!!!!
    they are so funny :)

  5. I'm sure the hermit crab appreciate the pirate lego putting a sword in his face!! LOL


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