Our Five Ring Circus: Lex Miserables

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lex Miserables

At the young age of 3, Lexie has perfected the fine art of mood swings. When she's in a bad mood, watch out! She makes me look like a saint on my worst PMS days.

I have mentioned it before, but my kids very rarely get sick. It's never anything serious...always a mild cold. After being germ free for many months, Dylan woke up with a stuffy nose a few days ago. It never progressed beyond a stuffy/runny nose. It's been more of a nuisance for him, than anything, but he has been acting perfectly normal. The colds that he has had have never slowed him down!

Lexie, on the other hand, is very annoyed by these mild colds. She doesn't take to having a stuffy/runny nose very kindly. I honestly don't blame her. I hate being stuffed up, and I hate the fact that she can't take anything to relieve her discomfort. Catching a mild cold really triggers these mood swings!

Lexie was fine this morning. Her nose was a bit stuffed, but she was acting completely normal. Just like Dylan, she has no other symptoms. We ran some errands while Dylan was in class, and met Jocie and the boys at the park, when Dylan got out of school. It was a very warm day, and the kids were enjoying running around at the park. Not much later, the mini melt downs began. Our park visit was cut short when she crawled into a tunnel and said she was going to take a little nap.

She did end up taking a nap, and once again, woke up feeling fine. Shortly after we got to Dylan's T-Ball game, the runny nose started, and the mood swings were in full force. On one hand, I felt like I was going to lose it. She's usually an angel in public, so when she gets like that, it seems so extreme. On the other, I felt terrible for her, because her stuffy/runny nose was making her miserable.

Dylan only had an inning and a half left, so we decided to stick it out. In just a half hour, she went from this...


to this...


to this.


That, my friends, is mood swings at their finest. Even Papa's cuddles couldn't keep her content for long.

The truth is, even though these mood swings can make for a very long day, I love the fact that she isn't afraid to show her emotions or voice her opinion.

Just two days later, Dylan is feeling almost completely better.


I'm hoping the same is true for my poor baby girl!

They rarely get sick, and they manage to get rid of their colds very quickly when they do.

I, on the other hand, am not as lucky. I catch any cold that's going around. Including this one, which I feel coming on.


Meet the newest member of our family, Mr. Snake. (The Hubs has yet to decide on the name, so that's what I'm going with for now.)

This is now the view from my bed. Sweet.

Just for the record, I still can't hold him. The kids have already held him, and he seems very friendly. He belonged to one of Grant's friends, who didn't have time for him anymore. The snake is used to kids, pets, and being handled. I guess he has a somewhat cute face, but the rest of him freaks. me. out.

Also for the record: I am going to have nothing (and I mean NOTHING) to do with his care. This was Grant's dream, and he can live it!

It was bad enough that Grant made me hold the box containing the snake on the drive home. I had to go to my happy place just to avoid thinking about what was slithering around above the thin layer of cardboard that separated the snake from my legs.

I think Grant was enjoying the uncomfortable look on my face way too much.

It was a long drive home.

Hopefully, I am able to adjust to life with my new roommate.


On a less freaky note, when I picked Dylan up from school today, he gave me an awesome mother's day gift. I'll be sharing that, and the humorous card,very soon! This is the first Mother's Day that's really going to mean a lot to me. This year, Dylan understands what it's all about, and that means so much to me.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We celebrated by having tacos for dinner. It was the best I could do between a cranky child, school, errands, a T-Ball game, and a big change in my comfort zone!

Wife of the year, indeed.


  1. I am up for just about anything ... but a snake will never happen in our house! Oh my gosh, I got nauseous just looking at that one! We live on a bluff and I have often told my neighbors that if they ever drive by and see me laying on the ground, it's because I have seen a snake and I have dropped dead.

    You ARE wife of the year!

  2. My brother has a snake and it's "Jake the Snake". I get chills just thinking about it.

    Poor Lexie. I hope she's feeling better soon!

  3. I think Lexie's going to be a handful when she's a teenager!!

    A snake?? Oh my!

  4. Great photos! I was laughing at the mood swings! Sorry, I was the oldest of 3 girls in the house and I know what we put our Mother through! I do hope that your kids get to feeling better fast. :)

  5. You get my vote for wife of the year for sure!

    I hope the kids feel better soon. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think your daughter is the only one who has mood swings. My daughter can go from sweet to sassy in 2.5 seconds. It's mind-blowing. My son on the other hand is always mellow. Hard to believe they come from the same two parents.

    This Mother's Day is going to be special for me too since it's the first Mother's Day I'm actually going to get something made by my kids. I can't wait. I was just tearing up over this a few minutes ago.

    Can't wait to hear what you get!

  6. Oh my goodness! You so deserve the award for Wife of the Year! I HATE snakes. Ugh!!!!

    Love the pictures of the kiddos and I especially LOVE Lexie's little pigtails.

    These little girls have quite the personalities, even so young. But I just know it's going to make them into amazing women one day! Or that's what I tell myself. :)

  7. Little girls have such a personality at a very young age! Im already dealing with Kayla and she is only 9 months:)... I hope Lexie feels better soon

    Theses pictures are great! besides the snake one! that a big fan of snakes


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