Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits and a Case of the Mondays

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits and a Case of the Mondays

I haven't done a Tuesday Tidbits post in ages, and I'm feeling guilty about it. Tuesday Tidbits is my way of recording all the cute things my kids say and do!

This is my Lexie edition. She is the funniest little girl!

Tonight, at dinner, Lexie had a coughing fit. Grant jokingly commented that she was turning into a zombie. Lexie threw her hands up in the air and started giggling. "No I not, I Lexie! You a goof-a-ball, Daddy!"

Lexie's newest obsession? Flamingos. She has a flamingo statue, flamingo napkins, flamingo plates, and inflatable flamingos. Which she likes to carry around with her, and ride on.


Last night, my mother-in-law babysat Lexie while we were at the art show. Lexie said she was starving, so my mother-in-law made her some macaroni and cheese. As you know, Lexie is an incredibly picky eater, and will only eat certain varieties, shapes, and brands of macaroni and cheese. She took a bite of her food, and announced, "This mac and cheese is making me crazy!" She refused to eat another bite.

Lexie comes up with the strangest names for her dolls and stuffed animals. Pawny, Keyney, and Yawna are just a few.

Lexie very rarely gets sick, but when she does, she is very dramatic about it. After every cough this weekend, she would give us a pathetic look, and say, very sadly, "I am WEALLY sick."

I just love my girl!


I had a horrible case of the Monday's yesterday. It was just one of those overwhelming days. Everything is breaking all at once (doesn't it always happen that way?), and it all happened right around noon.

Our SUV has been acting funny. This seriously ticks me off, because it is the most well maintained vehicle, with few miles on it. When I pulled into the garage, after picking Dylan up from school, the fan wouldn't turn off after I shut off the engine. I let the kids into the house, then went to pull the car out of the garage. When I hit the button to open the garage door, it began making a horrible grinding sound and wouldn't open. Just great. I called my husband, and he left work early to come help. As I was waiting for him, I became seriously irritated at everything that was breaking. My stupid laptop still isn't charging right, even with a new battery. My brand new, barely used, $1400 camera is having issues with the battery pack. My freezer is leaking into my fridge.

I decided to sit down and relax with a crossword puzzle. Wouldn't it figure that I got the puzzle made by a moron who wanted to wow everybody with his intelligence, by only using little known words and bizarre clues? I finished it, but I ended up more frustrated than before, and tossed Mr. I Brag Too Much About My Intelligence's puzzle into the garbage.

I decided that the only thing left to do was go back to bed.

It worked.

I woke up happier, and I ended up having a great night at the Art Show.


Today wasn't much better. My car is still acting weird, my garage door can only be opened manually, my fridge is still leaking, and my laptop still won't fully charge.

It has been chilly since Saturday, and has been raining non-stop. Dylan's T-Ball game was canceled again, tonight.

I could seriously use a dose of sunshine and warm weather! STAT!


  1. Hope you get some sunshine soon! We've had a wild season of illness and things breaking too!

    I am cracking up at Lexie's flamingo gig :)

  2. We need sunshine here!! I love the pictures...too funny! Have a great rest of your week!

  3. Lexi is so cute with her pink flamingo :) I hope things are much better today and everything magically fixes themselves for you. Take care hun.

  4. that pic of Lexie and the flamingo is so funny!!!

    sorry you're having a rough go of it...when it rains it pours right?! hope things start looking up soon

  5. Is she wearing jeans? It could not be true, she is always in a dress!!!

  6. Im pretty sure Lexie loves flamingos as part of her love for all things weird. A hot pink bird should fit that classification!!

  7. A flamingo obsession? How funny! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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