Our Five Ring Circus: These Are The Moments

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

These Are The Moments

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The ladybug clips from Bea's Bows arrived yesterday, and I was on a mission to capture a shot to show just how adorable they looked in Lexie's hair. They are so cute, and match her ladybug dress perfectly!

Unfortunately, by the time I pulled out the camera, Lexie had skipped her nap and was beyond miserable. She still needs her daily nap, and falls apart when she doesn't get one. Getting her to look at the camera was practically impossible.

I did, however, capture two wonderful pictures. I love my parents dearly, and am amazed at the relationship they have with Dylan and Lexie. Dylan and Lexie adore them. We had dinner with my parents tonight, and after dinner, Lexie helped them water their flowers. When I uploaded the pictures, I fell in love with these two shots.


I love the fact that Dylan and Lexie get to spend so much time with their grandparents. These are the moments that they are going to remember fondly. As am I!


Because it's Tuesday, I have to include a quick Tuesday Tidbits!

Lexie calls sunscreen "summer screen." No matter how many times I correct her, she continues to call it that.

I can't get over how sweet she sounds when she says "I'm sorry." She looks at me with those big brown eyes, and says, "I'm sawwy, Mommy. I so sawwy." How can I not forgive her after that?

Dylan's tooth is hanging on by a thread. He now has many questions about the tooth fairy. "What does she look like? How much money does she leave?" Then, the tough one: "How does she know when somebody loses a tooth?" My response? "She's like Santa Claus. She just knows."


  1. Awhhh I see the clips a little bit...=) Such great memories and summer screen is soooo cute!

  2. That first pic of her and your mom is so precious!!

    Buddy had a lot of questions about the tooth fairy at first too. Now he just rolls with it. He's about to lose his 4th tooth...and it's the first top tooth. I'm not ready. He's going to look like such a big boy!

  3. That's so sweet. I wish our grandparents lived closer, but for the few days that both grandma's are here, we are EATING it up!!!

  4. That first picture is adorable! She is a great little helper! LOL about summer screen!

  5. oh they do look so cute in her hair! Love her dress!! I have a dress that reminds me of her, I should take a picture of it and see if you would want it. I love it but it doesn't fit alex style ha ha!

  6. that is so great your parents live close, I miss my momma with her living so far away, so I know the girls do too :(

    ever since we say the Tooth Fairy with THE ROCK, Ry thinks HE IS the tooth fairy!!! haha
    fine by me...kinda makes me wanna yank out a tooth!

  7. Those are great pics!!

    I can just picture Lexie and her "I'm sawwy..." Aw....


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