Our Five Ring Circus: Kindergarten and T-Ball? Here We Come!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kindergarten and T-Ball? Here We Come!

There are lots of big changes coming for Dylan! He has his Kindergarten preview and T-Ball sign-ups in February, and will be officially registered for Kindergarten in April.


He seems excited about Kindergarten, and is more than excited about T-Ball! He has been waiting to play baseball for years, and he's finally old enough!

I have to admit, I'm not so sure that I'm ready for this team sports endeavor! We get to add practices and games to our already overwhelming schedule, and I have to volunteer to do something for the team. He loves baseball, and is very good at it, so hopefully he loves it!

I can't believe the time has come for Kindergarten. At the preview, he will get to tour the school, do an art project with the art teacher, read a book with the librarian, and do activities in the gym.

And I will cry.

Really, I will.

I had Dylan's parent-teacher conference last Thursday. After the horrible morning that I had, I needed some good news. The conference couldn't have gone any better!

I knew he was doing well in school, and his teachers and classmates just love him. His teacher is always telling me how good and sweet he is, and he hasn't had any problems yet. I got the paper evaluation on Wednesday, and he was evaluated on over 75 things, and had mastered almost everything. There was only one thing where he was not up to par with: playing with rhyming words. The funny thing is, 3 days after, he began doing just that!

When I walked into the conference, I was so apologetic, after having to reschedule for 45 minutes later. (Bleeding daughter and missing babysitter, if you missed my post that day.) Dylan's teacher started off by telling me how sweet I was, and said that Dylan was just like me. She went on and on about how sweet, loving, friendly, polite, and well-behaved he is. She told me that Grant and I are doing an incredible job raising him.

I was completely flattered. I know we're doing the best we can, but it really helps to have someone recognize your efforts. Especially after a morning like I had! Dylan is an amazing kid, and I am so proud of him.

We didn't have much to discuss! He is ready for Kindergarten, academically and socially! She told me to keep working on his writing and cutting skills, and letter/number recognition, so he's completely confident and ready for all the work in kindergarten.

It really couldn't have gone any better. I'm so happy that he's having a great first year of school! Hopefully he does just as well in Kindergarten.

So, that's that. We're about to embark on our Kindergarten and T-Ball Adventure!


After picking Dylan up at school, we spent a quiet afternoon and evening at home. A month has passed since Christmas, and Dylan and I finally got his room cleaned and organized.

It was a tough job, and we celebrated with a few pop-up Valentine's. A balloon pops out of those babies!


I couldn't resist posting a few pictures of my Teenie Weenie Lexie Beanie, in her sassy new outfit.


She's my mini-me.


And she rocks my world.


They both rock my world.


  1. Awesome news on Dylan's conference and evaluation! We did the kindergarten sign ups and t-ball last year. Buddy had a blast with t-ball...and it was HILARIOUS to watch them.

    Lexie is just too cute for words.

  2. I can only imagine how proud you are of Dylan! I bet you left that conference just beaming! Your little man is growing up and as fast as time goes I can't wait to see him playing T-ball and hear about his kind. conference!! WAY TO GO DYLAN!

  3. That outfit is adorable! Our little boys are growing up! Truett got to play t-ball last year, but only because Rhett was the coach. He loved it!

  4. Way to go mom! Sounds like Dylan is quite the gentleman! You should be so proud!

    Love Lexie's outfit! Too cute!

  5. Your kiddos are so precious! I'm sure the kindergarten and t-ball adventure will turn out great. Sounds like he's ready!

  6. Your kids are adorable! That kindergarten transition is a hard one (more so for the parents, I think) but and exciting one too!

  7. kindergarten- that is a HARD one! Actually, I may have done worse at first grade! I may do worse yet at second. Maybe I have a prob? Can't wait to see t-ball pics!

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