Our Five Ring Circus: What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching and the Mother's Day Gift Guides are popping up everywhere!

I love reading all the ideas and storing them away for the future, but we do things a bit different in my family. For Mother's Day and Father's Day, the kids get to pick out ALL the gifts.  That usually means we are showered with handmade gifts created in school (those are truly my favorites) and a bunch of random gifts. Dylan and Lexie are really good at picking out gifts, but Lily has some, ahem, unique tastes, and I will most likely receive a light-up bouncing ball from Liam this year. And that's okay.  I wouldn't want it any other way!

Let's be perfectly honest. There are quite a few things that most moms have in common. These are the things that moms REALLY want for Mother's Day:


The ability to eat a full meal in one sitting without interruption! A hot meal that is yours and ONLY yours. If you're a mom with young children, this is a thing of the past.  Take note, dads.  Do whatever you can to make this happen!


Somebody to do all the laundry for just one day.  When I say all the laundry, I mean an entire week's worth of laundry.  All 10+ loads of it.  Washing, Drying, Folding and Putting Away.  Thank you!


A few hours of silence.  Because there really are some days when you feel like you're going to go bats@#t crazy if you hear one more sound or get touched one more time.  Just keeping it real.


A trip to Target alone. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. 


A thorough house cleaning.  Walls, Baseboards, Appliances, Furniture, Dusting... When you spend your day chasing after tiny humans and cleaning up all of THOSE messes, there isn't much time left over for all that extra nonsense!


A great night's sleep!  If a child doesn't wake you up, at least 125,000 other sounds or worries will.


Some of that incredible energy that kids have.  Just a pinch of it would get us out of Mombie Mode! Since that isn't going to happen, offer us a pretty mug and a caffeinated option.


One day off. Just one.  No noses to wipe, no diapers to change, no demands to meet, no items to check off a to do list, no meals to prepare, no dishes to wash, no house to clean. One day off without worrying about the kids, the house, commitments or responsibilities. Allow us to be a little bit selfish for just one short day.


Quality time with our children.  The busyness of life often gets in the way. We find ourselves so busy running from one commitment to the next that we don't get to enjoy the beauty of motherhood. It just passes us by in a blur of activity and schedules and routines. We need the chance to stay still, connect, and embrace the moment.


The ability to slow down time. It truly does pass far too quickly. Raising young children is just a very short phase on our parenting journey. One day we'll be wishing back all the noise and the chaos because it would mean that our kids would once again fit in our arms.


And just for fun...

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Louise Backpack Diaper Bag from Newlie
2. Nikon 85 mm f/1.8D lens (I went for the inexpensive version. HA!)
3. Provence 5-Piece Diaper Bag from Coco and Kiwi
4. Laptop Shoulder Bag
5. Hunter Boots
6. Packable Hooded Rain Coat

What's on YOUR Mother's Day wish list?



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  1. Amen lady!! I love the things you'd like for Mother's Day. Target alone..yes please! I'd be happy with any of those on your list. And a meal without having to get up or share? Heaven!

  2. I'll take 5,8,9 & 10. I told the hubby just last night that I won't be cooking ANYTHING on Sunday. I figured I should give him a fair warning :P.Great lists.

    1. I hope you didn't have to cook! You gave him plenty of time! ;)

  3. YES!!! To all of those things! Having a particularity rough morning here so those all sound amazing! Hope your Mothers Day is great Stefanie! You deserve it :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Yes to all of this, especially those fantastic gifts at the bottom! ;) You deserve all of these things! I hope you at least get a trip to Target! ;)

    1. Thank you! I got a trip to Target with just one kid. The quiet one. That's close enough!!!

  5. Amen to all of these!! Especially laundry!!

  6. Absolutely! You nailed it! I'll take one of each, please! Hope you have a great Mother's Day with your sweeties!!

  7. Yes please! Though I would settle for a solo trip to the bathroom and being able to sleep in :D

    1. It wouldn't be as exciting if a kid didn't barge in on you when you were in the bathroom!

  8. I'll take the uninterrupted meal, the night of sleep, & a new camera lens please!

  9. OMG your list sounds uh-mazing to me!! What I would give to just go take a trip to Target in peace and quiet.. ahh!! I would love a new coffee mug as well (who can ever have too many of those?)
    I also blogged about 10 things this Tuesday if you want to head on over to my blog and show some love! Happy Tuesday!

    1. There's always room for another coffee mug!!! Thank you for stopping by! XOXO

  10. Yes to all of these. I rarely get to eat an entire plate of my own food. I am always sharing with my girls. And I can't cut up or pull my food apart fast enough for them.

    1. Yes! Story of my life! I hope you enjoyed a peaceful meal on Mother's Day. XOXO

  11. This list is awesome. I admit sometimes I will pull into a parking lot if it's too early to pick up the boys and just have a few minutes of peace!


    1. I don't blame you! Sometimes I just sit in my car if the kids fall asleep on the way home. They're quiet, the car is quiet, and I don't have to move!

  12. Ooh. I didn't know mothers would want this. I think I'll have to ditch my mother's day giveaway on my blog then. Haha.

    Thanks for enlightening us. :) And have a memorable Mother's Day. I hope you get to have/do what's on this list.

    1. Nah, a Mother's Day giveaway is great! XOXO Hope you had a great weekend!


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