Our Five Ring Circus: The Weekend Report

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Weekend Report

Happy Monday!

Is that even a thing?!?  I mean, Mondays aren't that great in my world.  They're just a rude awakening after a wonderful weekend!

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of conversation in the blog world about privacy and online safety. Although I will save that conversation for another day, I will say this: I don't usually share where I'll be, where I am, or what's going on until AFTER the fact. Therefore, I didn't share online that I was going to be at home alone with my kids all weekend...until now!

My husband was in Maryland on Saturday and Sunday, so I had a busy weekend of solo parenting!

On Saturday afternoon, it was just me and three of my four kids. Lexie spent the night at my parent's house on Friday night, and was spending Saturday afternoon with them.  Dylan, Lily, Liam and I had a wonderfully lazy Saturday. I just sipped my hot tea outside and watched them play!


Late that afternoon, my dad dropped Lexie off at home.  Lexie had a special day with him: he took her to breakfast and took her shopping!

Any time my dad shows up, he turns into a human jungle gym.  My kids adore their Papa!


That evening, I drove Dylan to a birthday party, and I decided to take Lexie, Lily and Liam out to eat. OF COURSE Lily and Liam fell asleep during the 5 minute drive, so Lexie and I enjoyed some girl talk in the parking lot!

I decided to take Liam and the girls to dinner while Dylan was at a party. By the time we got to the restaurant, only 1 out of 3 was awake!

We finally woke them up because we were starving!  The girls chose McDonald's because we rarely eat there.  Liam and I enjoyed some side salads, because that's how we roll.  An elderly couple walked by as they were leaving and told us that they had never seen a toddler eat a salad at a fast food restaurant before.  Liam certainly has unique tastes!

We finished our visit with a trip to the outdoor playground and some ice cream cones!


After we picked Dylan up from his party, we all put on our pajamas and had a Netflix movie night!


That night, we all camped out in my room. Liam slept in a pack and play and the kids slept in my bed. Thank goodness we have a King!


We all slept in then enjoyed a few hours of laziness!

Weekend Snaps

That laziness was much needed, because right after that, I conquered 5 stores with 4 kids.  Including Toys R Us (NOOOOO!) and Costco (Sundays at Costco are the WORST)!


I typically only buy toys for holidays and birthdays, but every so often I spot a deal on really good developmental toys that's too good to pass up.  Today, I found chalkboard blocks and lacing vehicles at Toys R Us for a steal! Liam will be using those lacing vehicles during his OT session tomorrow morning!


When we arrived home after our shopping excursion, Grant was home from Maryland! We had pizza, then spent the next few hours outside.

A True Boy

A sure sign of a good weekend? When it ends with you naked and covered in mud! HA! Well, at least for Liam.

After the kids were bathed and tucked into bed, we concluded our weekend with Game of Thrones (Um. Wow!) and Fear the Walking Dead. After the shows ended, Grant fell asleep and I worked on some projects for the week. Someday I will get the chance to sleep during the week!

Although parenting 4 kids alone was a bit overwhelming at times, it wasn't bad at all. We had a wonderful weekend! Now if only we could have today off to recover from it!

How was your weekend? 



  1. What a great weekend. Solo for mama was probably exhausting but you rocked it. I LOVE Lily's dress and boots. My Emily would totally have done the same thing. Oh those girls.

    1. She has quite a unique fashion sense! I can totally see Emily wearing something similar! XOXO

  2. Those pictures of Liam and Dylan are just precious! You can tell that Liam really looks up to him!

  3. Little boys & mud. Something sooooo cute about it no matter how big the mess.

    I love how the girls are sitting by themselves at dinner. They are on their own little girls night. :)

    1. I know! I've learned to just let him explore. There's really no harm in getting messy!
      The girls asked me to join them, but I didn't think sitting at a counter with Liam would be a good option! ;)

  4. Way to rock bein a single parent for the weekend!! I absolutely love how much your children adore each other. They are so cute together. I'm sure there are fights and fusses but overall they look so happy just to be in each other's presence. Love it!! Lily's sense of style just makes me happy!

    1. Thank you! There is definitely a lot of bickering, but underneath it all, they adore each other!
      And Lily is certainly a unique child!

  5. Love all the pictures and it sounds like a great weekend was had. ;)


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