Our Five Ring Circus: What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I don't know about you, but returning to a regular schedule after Spring Break was ROUGH!

Waking up early and juggling school and therapy and cleaning the house and homework and packing lunches and running errands...UGH!  I want to go back to the more relaxed Spring Break schedule. I just may have drifted off tonight while watching a movie, and again while relaxing in a hot bath.  OOPS.

It's the last Wednesday of the month (hard to believe), so it's time to link up for What's Up Wednesday!



Monday: Ice cream from Dairy Queen! Oh yes, we did! The kids requested it for the last day of Spring Break!


Tuesday: Easter Dinner (again). Ham, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole and cornbread. There was dessert, too, but we ate so much food that dessert went back into the fridge!


Wednesday: Grilled Pork Chops, Seasoned Potato Wedges and Baby Butter Beans.

Thursday:  Crispy Cheddar Chicken (RECIPE), Homemade Macaroni and Cheese and Sweet Corn.

Friday: Dinner at my parent's house!  Easy night for me!

Saturday: Grant and I are going out to dinner for my birthday! I'm thinking Olive Garden...because Chicken Parm and Black Tie Mousse Cake!!!

Sunday: Sunday is always an easy meal day.  Probably pizza or Rotisserie Chicken with a side dish.


Our last summer vacation with our kids. (I still haven't finished recapping our trip...HA!)  It was just 7 months ago, but they seemed so much younger then than they do now. We're getting ready to plan our beach trip for THIS summer and I can't help but think how grown up they are going to be. It breaks my heart to think about how when we return, my first baby will be heading to his final year of elementary school, Lexie will be going into 4th grade, Lily will be starting kindergarten, and my BABY will be starting preschool. Hold me!  (Ummmm....time for number five? Kidding. Just kidding.)



*The longer days. (Let's not change the clocks back, okay?)

*Warmer weather!

*My new boyfriend jeans.

*Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana Smoothies.

*Easter clearance candy.  There. I said it. Now excuse me while I eat another Reese's Egg!

*Liam's new stroller!  We've had it a month now and it's by far, my favorite!



I guess a better question is what HAVEN'T we been up to? We've officially hit another busy season in our lives. I truly don't even want to think about everything on my schedule over the next few months.  Recently, though, we really enjoyed celebrating the Easter season with our family and friends!

Egg hunt
Easter Party


The next school year.  Not only is it bittersweet, because my kids are growing up too fast, but we will have 4 kids in 4 different schools. Plus, I've been told that 6th grade is even crazier than 5th (NOOOOOOO). Lily will need to be picked up every day and Liam will need to be driven to and from preschool. I'm just going to move into my SUV!


*My blog posts for Thursday and Friday.

*Editing pictures from Lily's preschool Easter party.

*THIS campaign. Plus an Influenster VoxBox, a Bzzcampaign, and an awesome upcoming review/giveaway.

*Redecorating my sun porch and organizing the basement and attic.

*Plans for the girls' bedroom. The extra mattress arrived today and the bunk bed is on the way!


*A really fun backyard play space for Liam.  It isn't going to cost much at all and he will love it! Many of the ideas come from my Backyard Pinterest Board!


Going out on a dinner date with my husband on Saturday for my birthday!  Birthdays aren't a big deal for me anymore, but eating dinner without interruption (AKA kids) IS a big deal! Also, I heard a rumor that I might be getting a new laptop and a pair of Converse! ;)


WATCHING: Grant and I binge-watched the latest season of House of Cards on Netflix.  SO good!  Now we're just anxiously awaiting the season finale of The Walking Dead.  A major character is DEFINITELY going to die! I just really hope it isn't who my husband thinks is going to die. (Also? Why do I even watch this show?  It makes me unbelievably anxious and I close my eyes through all the violent scenes!)

READING: Currently nothing. I just finished a book, but I haven't decided on another one yet. Any great suggestions?


Lately, Christina Perri. Jar of Hearts and A Thousand Years are my favorite songs!

Hallelujah is my favorite song. I love so many versions. Recently, I was sent the link to this cover, and it's definitely a bit different, but I like it!


Boyfriend jeans (comfiest jeans EVER), flats, and 3/4 length sleeved shirts almost every day! And a toddler on my hip.  Always.



On Friday night, I'm going to my parent's house for dinner. Saturday is my birthday. Nothing exciting is planned other than going out to dinner with Grant.  On Sunday, I have to take Lily to a (chilly outdoor) birthday party then do our grocery shopping for the week.


 Birthdays, birthday parties, field trips with my kids, and warmer weather!


I'm starting to exercise regularly again. I REALLY let it slide over winter, and I can definitely notice a difference in my mood. I'm not doing it to lose weight. I'm just a happier person when I work out!

That's life lately in a nutshell!  It's hard to believe that March is nearly over.  This year is already passing by way too quickly!

What are you looking forward to in April?



  1. 4 different schools? Girl I'm tired for you just reading those words. Goodness! But it'll be awesome. Liam is going to love preschool. Can't wait to see what you do in your backyard and the girls bedroom.

    1. Our school district divides up the grades, so my older 3 will end up in 3 different schools next year! I don't know what I would do if I had to drive them to and from school every day. Go crazy, I'm sure! I know Liam will love preschool. He loves being around other kids. It makes me sad, though!

  2. HOC was SO good this season! Who do you think is going to die on TWD? I kind of think I know who, since I accidentally read a sort-of-spoiler. I LOVE Christina Perri's A Thousand Years. That was our last dance song at our wedding! Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

    1. If they go by the comic book, it will be Glenn. My husband worries it will be Daryl due to the fact that he has a show starting in the Fall. I hope not! I'm voting for Glenn AND Maggie!
      Love A Thousand Years! That would be a great wedding song!

  3. A good life.

  4. Thank you for the chicken cheddar recipe. I can't wait to try it out. Those boyfriend jeans look awesome!

    1. It's really good! I hope you enjoy it. The jeans were a TJ Maxx find and they are so comfortable!

  5. Cash got some DQ coupons in his Easter basket from my in-laws. :) We LOVE that crispy chicken recipe! We have it over rice. Yum!

    And 4 different schools! I'd be sweating just thinking about that! lol!

    Those BF jeans! Where are they from?

    1. I always serve it with pasta, but I will try it with rice next time!
      I got the jeans at TJ Maxx, but I know they sell them at Macy's. The brand is Indigo Rein. A lady in the store told me to try them, and the fit is so comfortable and flattering!

  6. Cute jeans and 4 kids in 4 different schools?! UGH! You are going to be one busy, busy mama (like you aren't already :P). Bring on the warmer weather, we are SO ready here.

    1. Yep! One kid in preschool, one kid in the K-1 school, one kid in the elementary school, and one kid in the school for 5th and 6th grade. UGH!!!!

  7. oh my word-- 4 kids in 4 different schools?! I've got nothing!
    And DQ on a monday- how awesome!

    1. They really divide the grades in our district. It's nice in some aspects, but frustrating in others. I feel like my son was forced to grow up too quickly because school for 5th and 6th grade is more like junior high.

  8. Happy early birthday!!! What boyfriend jeans do you like? I have yet to get a pair but want one lol the struggle ;) Also that striped too is cute too!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I meant top! Guess thats why proofreading is important ;)

    3. Haha! I do the same thing! ;)
      The boyfriend jeans are Indigo Rein. They're at Macy's, but I found a pair at TJ Maxx. I believe they are juniors, but they fit SO well!

  9. Happy early birthday to you! I totally know what you mean about looking forward to an uninterrupted dinner. That sounds fabulous! Four kids in four different schools...girl, you need to paint your car yellow because you are a taxi! I have one in preschool and one in high school (and one still home with Mommy), there's just enough time between the two that I have to go home for a while, but not enough time to accomplish anything. Fun times!

    1. I already feel like a taxi, and it's just going to get worse!
      That's a big age range. I bet they keep you busy! XOXO

  10. Those BF jeans are soooo cute! The only pair I have barely fit across my baby birthing hips now, so I need some more!

    And I LOVE that song A Thousand Years... it's one of my favorites of all time! So beautiful. But I always think of my babies when I sing it, especially Olivia, because I was listening to that song a ton when I was preggo with her and when she was born.

    1. I went back for another pair and they were gone! I was so bummed!
      It is a beautiful song. It makes me think of my kids!

  11. You sure are busy!! I'm already dreaming about our next summer trip too. I'll have to check out your backyard ideas on Pinterest.


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