Our Five Ring Circus: I Confess.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Confess.

As a blogger, it's so easy to feel left behind or not up to par. 

Every single day, we are surrounded by picture-perfect Instagram accounts, pin-worthy blog posts, and incredibly active social media accounts. We often wonder what we can do to keep up, short of giving up on sleep. I'm sure many bloggers (like me) probably HAVE sacrificed sleep just to play catch-up.

It's so easy to get lost in this gig and lose your voice.  Recently, I found myself getting way too stressed over blogging and trying to come up with perfect content every single day. I kept adding to my blogging to-do list, and found myself feeling completely overwhelmed. I struggled to find the time to keep up, and the thought of ending it all even went through my head.

I had to step away from the computer and just live life for a while.

Life would certainly be easier to manage without blogging, but the truth is, I love it.  I love to write. But it's not just that. I have met some incredible people through blogging, I've had some amazing experiences and opportunities, and I would hate to give up on something I worked so hard on.

Those perfect moments are the moments people want to see, but I DON'T want to be the blogger who only shares the perfect moments and I don't want to lose my voice.  Nobody is as perfect as they seem in those 9 Instagram frames or in that single blog post.

So without further ado, here are my less than perfect moments that are completely okay. Because they're real:

I confess...I wear my pajama pants to take the kids to the bus stop. The bus stop is our driveway and I really don't care. Besides, they look like leggings.

I confess...I am not a morning person.  Never have been, never will be. And please, don't talk to me until I've had at least a half hour to adjust to being awake.

I confess...my kids make me late for everything.  When I'm by myself?  EARLY.

I confess...I'm a calm, easy-going person in control of my emotions.  Until I have to deal with bad drivers.  Yep.  Road rage (and lots of quiet cursing).

I confess...I often drown out my kids in the car by turning up the radio or blasting the air.  I listen to them talk from the moment I wake up until the moment they go to bed and the incessant talking can be overwhelming.  A few minutes of silence is necessary for my well-being!

I confess...I hide candy that I like in my room just so the kids won't see it and ask for it.

I confess...I don't have any time to be a blogger, but do it anyway.

I confess...I hate retweet groups.

I confess...I change into pajamas as soon as I possibly can in the evening. Even if it's 4 PM.

I confess...I changed my pants in the car today, in a public parking lot. Nobody saw.  Hopefully.

I confess...I feel incredibly awkward doing fashion posts, which is funny, because I did some modeling before I had kids!

I confess...I just bought myself a new Spring wardrobe. Just before my birthday. (In all fairness, it was on a rare occasion when I didn't have ANY kids with me.  I was able to try things on and I got a bit shop-happy!)

I confess...I hate having wet hair or wet clothes.  Absolutely hate it.

I confess...I HATE driving in the city and driving in the snow.  It's the only thing that gives me anxiety!

I confess...I spend way too much money in the Target Dollar Spot, on clothing, and on home decor. Do I really need all that stuff?  NO.

I confess...I was supposed to write a sponsored post tonight and decided to write this instead because I was too tired to think.  This was a lot more fun!

It feels good to let it all out, doesn't it?!?  What do you confess?


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  1. Yes, I confess that I just finished typing my post at 2:30 a.m. because I love to blog (even though my schedule keeps me from staying consistent). I confess too that some nights we eat cereal for dinner. Heck, having a real dinner, it seems, only happens on the weekends for us. Thanks for this post Stefanie; it does feel good to confess my less than perfect moments. I could write a whole list here too.

    1. Cereal for dinner is okay in my book! I LOVE cereal!
      I blog between midnight and 2 AM. I'm always exhausted in the morning, but it's the only time I have!

  2. blogging is really hard, but honestly, I am not interested in doing it for "other people." I love having my little space to recap all my memories and write what I feel, and if others read it, then great! But when I first started blogging, I went into it with the mentality that it was for me and no one else. I am the worst with small things even like sharing my blog on social media, too. I hope you can find your happy medium with it soon :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jenn! I'll get there. I just feel like I can never keep up with everyone else!

  3. I love reading your blog and my favorite posts are the "everyday, kids are driving me crazy, but aren't they cute" posts.

    In the end it really is just a place for you to record your life experiences. Memories that the kids will look back on and love that you did it for them.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! It really is, and that's why I keep up with it!
      Have a great weekend! XOXO

  4. Don't worry about having perfect posts, heck I blog as a way of journaling - they are things that happen in my lift that I don't want to forget. Once I have enough posts, I hard copy them through Blog2Book. Its nice to have readers and commenters but it's not why I blog, other than my mother in law would shoot me if I ever quit haha. You have a wonderful family, do it for them.

  5. I don't have time to be a blogger, but do it anyways.... BEST confession ever. You win!

  6. I confess that I always love how real you are on your blog.

  7. I love this post! I love all of these confessions posts because they're so honest. I, like you, have been feeling the pressure lately as a blogger and sometimes I just get so discouraged because I feel like I'm doing things all wrong. But really, I ultimately do it for myself as a journal and a keepsake, so I've decided to try not to care what other people think. We'll see how long that lasts. Haha. But seriously, I love your blog, and I love your style! I say, just keep doing what you're doing!

    1. Thank you! I love your blog, too, my friend! It really is hard to keep up, though, isn't it? It's almost like a full time job!

  8. I love the beginning of your post! I feel that way so often because I'm a small blogger doing this to have fun and have memories documented for my kids. I have started to build it a bit, but I don't plan to make a bunch of money or anything. You just made my day by posting what you did. I love the confession that you don't have time to blog, but do it anyway. Cheers! So great!!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! XOXO That's exactly why I started to blog. I try to remind myself of that when I start feeling this way!

  9. I've never even heard of retweet groups. =\ I'm out of the loop.

    1. You're not missing out on much! Basically, your tweet gets tweeted by a hundred different people, but in return, you have to post 100 different retweets!


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