Our Five Ring Circus: Happy Easter!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

My family had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Easter is tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday. Everything just feels so new and perfect on this day! 


We kicked off the fun last night.  After eating an easy dinner and baking some Easter cookies, we dyed our Easter eggs!


Liam isn't quite ready for the dyeing process just yet, so he enjoyed some Easter Egg snacks!


I think it was our quickest Easter Egg Dyeing experience to date!  Each of the kids dyed a dozen eggs and they were done in less than 10 minutes!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

After baths and showers, the girls planted some jelly beans. It's a fun tradition for our family!


I know each family does baskets differently. In our family, the kids sit out their empty baskets, then the Easter Bunny fills them up and hides them. In the morning, the kids have to search the house for their baskets. Grant and I both grew up with the same tradition, so we carried it on with our kids!


The kids sat out their baskets, then headed to bed. While they slept, the "Easter Bunny" arrived!


Dylan's basket was hidden in a closet, Lexie's basket was hidden on the attic steps, Lily's basket was hidden in the bathtub, and Liam's basket was hidden in his teepee!

Hidden Easter Baskets

And sure enough, those jelly beans sprouted, and the Easter Bunny left behind a clue that he was there!


Easter morning is ALWAYS rushed, but so much fun. The kids barely have enough time to search for baskets and check out what's inside of them before church, but somehow, the kids manage to squeeze it in!

This morning, the kids found their baskets quickly, and immediately dug in! Liam was pretty impressed!


The Easter Bunny did a good job this year! ;)

Easter Baskets
Easter Baskets 2

Thankfully, church is just a 1/2 mile away!  We rushed out the door, and made it to our seats just a few minutes before Easter Sunday service began!

The kids are always so well-behaved in church, but I was a bit concerned about how Liam was going to behave.  The past few days, he has been on the go CONSTANTLY and he gets frustrated when he's restrained.

He was an angel!  He clapped, he sang, he participated in the kids service, and he started to drift off during the last 5 minutes.  I just might have bribed him with some marshmallows, but it worked! And he promptly perked up for some donuts after the service!

This little dude was SO good during Easter service today. He clapped, he sang, he participated in kids worship, then he started to drift off during the last 5 minutes. Of course, he promptly perked up for donuts after the service! ❤  #Easter

After church, we stopped by Grant's Nannie's house to visit with some relatives who were in town for Easter.  It was a short visit, but it was nice to see everyone!

Dylan and Lexie
Lily and Liam
063 copy

Next, we stopped at Grant's other grandma's house.  We ate an early dinner and visited with all the cousins!


Our last stop was at my parent's house for an egg hunt and dinner!


Liam isn't quite interested in egg hunts yet.  He's a one egg and done kind of kid!  Dylan found all of his eggs (each kid is assigned a color) in about a minute and ran off.  Lexie and Lily were willing participants, thankfully!

Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt 2

Dinner was delicious! The older kids ate outside since it was so warm while Liam entertained the rest of us!

Easter Dinner

It was a long and busy day, so we decided to head home shortly after dinner.  I always like to include "real life" pictures in my posts, because let's face it, life is never perfect!  This is the result of not enough sleep, an hour and a half at church, two dinners, and three places to visit: One exhausted family!



Despite those tired faces, it was a fantastic Easter Sunday full of love, family, and fun!  


Do you celebrate Easter?  What are your favorite Easter traditions? 



  1. What a wonderful day! You guys were busy, but such special events to attend. Love the real pictures. :) Such is life. Ha ha!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Easter!!! Happy Easter to you all!

  3. Super cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter!

  4. What a great Easter you had and hooray for such a great family shot. You always do so good with capturing all the little moments with photos.

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! I hope you and your family had a great day!

  5. I love that you guys hide your baskets!! I had never heard of that until I met my hubs, and now we do it for our kids, too. :o)

    Your family picture turned out so great! And I love your dress! It's beautiful!

  6. The kids look adorable in their Easter outfits. LOVE the "planting jelly bean seeds" idea. Never seen that before. Very creative.

    1. Thank you so much, Terra! I saw the jelly bean idea in a magazine a few years ago and thought it would be cute for the kids!


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