Our Five Ring Circus: Five Friday Favorites

Friday, March 25, 2016

Five Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I can't believe Easter is this Sunday.  It really did sneak up on me this year!

My kids are currently on Spring Break and we have plans every single day.  My husband took the day off on Monday, so I canceled Liam's usual therapy sessions, and we're going to try to do something fun together as a family! I think we're going to spend the afternoon at the zoo or take the kids to lunch and a movie. The past few weeks have been crazy, and I'm looking forward to lots of family time this weekend!

Here are a few of my favorites for this week:


I absolutely love a good deal!  I found two winter coats for Liam at Old Navy this week.  They were both marked $12.49. One was a red coat with a hood that has a removable fur lining and the other one was a gray frost-free puffer jacket. When I checked out, the puffer jacket rang up as $9.97 and the red coat rang up as $2.97!  BOOM!



As much as I love to shop, I have a really really really hard time making big purchases.  I just can't make up my mind on what I want and I put it off for months...or even a year. 

Lexie has a beautiful platform bed with a shelving headboard and drawers underneath.  She has had it for almost 5 years, but last year, it started to crack in the middle.  I was so bummed because she was really gentle with it and it was an expensive piece of furniture. We made up our minds to get bunk beds for the girls, but I just couldn't commit. 

Well, now we had to, because Lexie's bed is starting to break in half. I didn't want to make another really expensive purchase and end up regretting it, so we found some inexpensive bunk beds for the girls. A friend of mine has the same set for her boys in a different color and it held up really well so far. My thought? If they break, they break.  Plus, we can easily separate the beds if we want to.  I still couldn't commit, but finally made the purchase just after midnight. 

Now...anybody want to come build it for me?!?

Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed, White


I bought the girls' Easter dresses in February, but couldn't find anything I liked for the boys. Once again, Old Navy to the rescue! Of course, I had to get Liam a shirt with a bow tie!  #bowtiesforever



Dylan and Lexie know how to find my blog and they occasionally read it, so I have to be careful about what I post. I was bummed that I couldn't join in on an Easter basket link-up this week. They would see the title and be all over that!

Confession: I'm not a big fan of the Easter Bunny. The entire concept seemed far-fetched and odd, even when I was a child!  BUT we go along with it!

Anyway, I *heard* that these are a few things that the Easter Bunny is bringing for Lily and Liam:


We have SO many toys, so the Easter Bunny thought items for on the go and items for the backyard were the best bet. The roll up chalkboard mat and the canvas coloring book with crayons is pretty awesome! 


The Easter Bunny thought Liam would like a roll up chalkboard mat and a canvas coloring book, too! The Busy Book will be a hit, because he loves farm animals and he loves to look through books.  The Re-Play forks and spoons had to make their way into his basket and the raincoat is too cute (and necessary)!


We had a great first day of Spring Break! 

I had to go to Dylan and Lexie's Parent/Teacher conferences with four kids in tow, but they were all REALLY good!  As usual, both kids had a great report and I heard all about how much their teachers adore them.  That's always nice to hear. Good grades are very important, but behavior and character is every bit as important. Conferences have always been easy with those two.  Even though they drive me crazy at times, they are incredibly loving and well-behaved children and they love school.  I sure hope it continues, and I hope Lily follows in their footsteps!

Since it was a gorgeous 70 degree day, we stopped by the park for 2 hours, then spent the next 4 hours in our backyard.  It was a good day!


I'm so excited that it's Easter weekend. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I'm looking forward to spending it with my family! How will you be spending your weekend?

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!  Have a wonderful weekend!  

 COMING UP NEXT WEEK: An Easter recap, Toddler Feeding Favorites,  and What's Up Wednesday. Also, stay tuned for a fun giveaway for a Thirty-One bag!


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  1. Amazing find in the coats. Wow! Gotta love a good sale. You can still link up on the Easter basket link up. You have until the 30th. :) Join us lady! I love what the Easter bunny told you he may be bringing. Have a wonderful Easter and a great weekend.

  2. Oooo I love the new layout! Happy Weekend!

    1. Thank you! It was on my to do list for so long! Have a great weekend!

  3. Liam in that puffer jacket is beyond adorable. What a great deal, too!

    1. Thank you! I couldn't pass it up at the price it was marked. I was surprised by what it actually ran up as!

  4. Great coat finds!! That kid can make anything look cute, though! ;) And the raincoat for Lily...love it! Cam and Liam will be twins this Sunday!! Bowties for life! :) Have a great weekend!


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