Our Five Ring Circus: Greetings from Virginia Beach!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Greetings from Virginia Beach!

Good morning! Remind me again why I don't live here?!?

Good morning from Virginia Beach! 

We packed up the SUV Friday night, somehow found space in the car for our kids early Saturday morning, and we headed out on a road trip to Virginia Beach!

We're about 45 minutes into our 7.5 hour drive to Virginia Beach! ❤ The SUV is jam-packed and the boys aren't even visible! Everyone is so excited!

Our four kids are really good travelers, so the drive went very well. We only had to stop 3 times, which was awesome!

Taking a break in Virginia. The car ride is going surprisingly well so far!!! Only 1.5-2 hours to go! #roadtrip #beachbound
We did hit quite a bit of traffic in several parts of Virginia.  Because of that, the 7 hour 25 minute drive ended up taking about 10 hours. We were beyond thrilled when we finally reached the ocean! Right after checking in and grabbing some dinner, we rushed down to the beach.  The sun was setting, but the kids were too excited to wait!


It was Liam's first trip to the ocean, and he LOVED it.  He kept rushing toward the water, then spinning around and racing away from it as the waves rolled in!

Liam meets the ocean for the first time. ❤ #beachlife

After a really good night's sleep, we woke up to a beautiful day.


Grant, Liam, and I woke up before everyone else.  We ended up sitting on the balcony and watching an early morning flag football game. Finally, it was time to wake everyone up!


After hitting up the breakfast buffet, we spent our day at the beach!  It's my absolute favorite thing to do!

Lily is just like me and could stay on the beach all day! ❤
#beachlife Enough said.

I could have lasted all day, but the kids were ready to come up after about 4 hours.  We had an early dinner, then decided to check out the indoor pool.  They were fans!

Taking a break from the beach in the most chlorinated pool EVER!

After swimming, we went for a walk on the boardwalk, played on the beach, watched the Fear the Walking Dead premiere, watched fireworks over the ocean, and went for a night walk on the beach.  (Real pictures to come after we get home!!!)

I have a few posts lined up for this week, including a guest post. Meanwhile, I'll be spending all my time with my family!

Our first full day at the beach was perfect, and we're looking forward to 5 more days just like it! 
When was the last time you were at the beach? 



  1. have a blast!! Im sad we didnt make it to the beach this year but next year I cant wait to get back!!! Cant wait to hear all about your trip

  2. Virginia Beach traffic is the pits! It always takes so long to navigate through there in the summer season. Have a great vacation - love the pics!

  3. That is so cool! I'm happy that your vacation started really good! Your kids look so happy!


  4. Looks like everyone is having a great time!! Love the picture of Liam sitting in his pj's!
    Have a wonderful and relaxing trip!

  5. Enjoy your trip! It looks like everyone is having a blast. (It took us 7 hours instead of 5 to get to Delaware; summer traffic is definitely not fun!)

  6. Congrats and enjoy!!! It looks amazing! It feels like forever since I was at the beach and it was last month - enjoy and savor every moment!!!
    Annster's Domain

  7. Love that you are here! Have so much fun!!!


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