Our Five Ring Circus: Celebrating Liliana and Liam

Monday, August 17, 2015

Celebrating Liliana and Liam

Over the weekend, we celebrated Lily's 4th Birthday and Liam's upcoming 2nd Birthday with our family and friends!

Planning a combined party for a girl and a boy can be a bit tricky, but it makes sense because their birthdays are just 2 weeks apart.  We just have a theme for each, which means we have 2 separate cake tables and 2 sets of guest tables.  It still ends up working out quite well!

Lily and Liam Birthday Party

This year, Lily choose a My Little Pony theme and I went with a "Little Man" theme for Liam since he wears bow ties all the time! I didn't have the time or the energy to go overboard this year, but my lack of planning didn't make any difference!

My Little Pony Decor
Cake Table
Little Man Decor
Cake Table

One thing I did differently this year was step away from the usual picnic-style food and have a pasta bar.  It was so easy and everyone loved it!  I made a bunch of pasta, and had meat sauce, alfredo sauce, and cheese sauce in crockpots.  A salad, loaves of french bread, and fruit completed the meal!

Pasta Bar

We always open gifts right after we eat.  It's the most anticipated part of the day!  For Lily, of course!

Lily Clothes
Lily opens presents
Lily Presents
Lily American Girl Doll

Liam was actually interested in opening gifts today.  He also LOVED being the center of attention!

 Liam presents
Liam gifts
Happy Birthday Boy
Liam in chair

Liam was getting sleepy, so we decided to have the cake right after presents.

Lily Cake
Liam Cake

It was a SMART idea!

Liam sleeps

He didn't miss out on any cake!  As soon as he woke up, he headed to his highchair!

Liam Eats Cake

After all the "mandatory" birthday activities were done, we were able to focus on just having fun!

Party Play2
Party Play

We are so thankful for the family and friends who helped make the day so special!

My family pics
Family Pics
Framily 2
Framily 1

The sun began to set, and our guests began to leave. Only a few remained behind!


Our sweet "framily" stayed until after dark to help us clean up! Thankfully, the art table kept the kids occupied while we cleaned!


We had a great day celebrating Lily and Liam with those we love most!!!


Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!  Happy 2nd Birthday, Liam!  Slow down on this growing up thing, okay?!?   

Have you ever thrown a combined birthday party?  What was your favorite party theme?



  1. So cute! I love both the themes. Your kids are adorable and looked like they had so much fun.

  2. What a cute theme for a boy! And I love all the pink for Lily :) Too fun!

  3. Aw how special to have their birthdays together!! I bet they'll cherish that as they get older. You did a great job for not feeling like you could put a lot of effort into it!

  4. We used to throw combined parties for Jason and Kiki who were 5 years apart. We've done pink and black skulls, pigs, pirates and princesses

  5. Aww! Happy birthday to Liliana and Liam!! Beautiful pictures!!


  6. Looks like everyone had a great time! Love the 2 different themes!

  7. Okay first I have to say (b/c it's the last thing I noticed on this post) was that I love the Bob Ross t-shirt!!! That is awesome!! LOL And what a great co-party!! Everything looked great & your babies look like they had a blast! I LOVE the pasta bar idea & will be stealing that for my next event at our house!

  8. So cute, love all the details. And Liam's cake is screaming my name!!! YUM-O!!

  9. I love that you had two very separate themes but made each party special and awesome. Fantastic job mama! It looks like a great time was had by all.

  10. It sounds like the perfect birthday party--and the themes were awesome. You'd never know that there wasn't much planning involved--everything came out great! Happy birthday to two wonderfully sweet kids!

  11. Looks like a great party! And, you got great photos as usual.


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