Our Five Ring Circus: Easy On-the-Go Snack Necklaces and Fine Motor Activity

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Easy On-the-Go Snack Necklaces and Fine Motor Activity

Once upon a time, I kept the diaper bag stocked with snack necklaces.

Then, reality hit (AKA two more kids), and those snack necklaces became a thing of the past.

About a month ago, Liam started to dislike our shopping trips.  Halfway through, he would start to squirm and whimper.  I knew I had to do something to make our frequent shopping trips and errands a bit easier for him (and me)!

I stocked up on some baker's twine and cereal, and got to work!

Easy On-the-Go Snack Necklaces and Fine Motor Activity

Before I begin, let me be honest here.  Although my snack necklaces used to consist of Cheerios, I knew Cheerios weren't going to cut it with Liam. I wanted something that would hold his attention. He's a very healthy eater, but I knew he needed something fun that he would consider a treat. Enter Froot Loops and Apple Jacks.  No shame!

  • Cereal such as Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, or Cheerios
  • Baker's Twine
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Airtight Storage Container and/or Storage Bags

Here's the part where you recruit your kid(s) for a fun fine motor activity!

You can certainly make the snack necklaces yourself.  I often make them while watching TV at night. BUT...it's a win win situation if you get your kid(s) involved.  You get extra help and they work on their fine motor skills while having fun!

If your kids help: 

{ONE} Pour the cereal into bowls and cut the baker's twine into pieces that measure 28 inches. (Do this step yourself.)


{TWO} Tape one end of the baker's twine to the workspace and tightly wrap the other end with tape for easy stringing! Ask your child to choose which cereal to use and start stringing.  Bonus points if they make a pattern! Lily made the first two necklaces on her own, but then I asked her to do ROYGBIV (minus the indigo!) to make a rainbow, then string 6 orange/1 green/6 orange/1 green.  She got to work on her colors and counting!

Stringing Cereal Fine Motor Activity

{THREE} Once the string is full, peel off the tape from the workspace, tie the string ends together in a tight knot to form a necklace, and trim the ends.

While Lily worked, I made some, too. Although I keep them in a container in my purse or diaper bag, I wanted to have a stockpile for our upcoming road trip to the beach!  


Lexie eventually joined in, and the three of us managed to make a bunch for our road trip, and a few for all our errands over the next week!


{FOUR} When you're finished making the snack necklaces, store them in an airtight container or bag. I like to put several in a small Tupperware container, so they don't get smashed, and toss it into my purse or diaper bag.  I put the leftovers in a storage bag, store it in a drawer, and just refill the Tupperware container as needed.


The girls had fun and worked hard!  They loved their reward!


I accomplished exactly what I was hoping for.  Liam LOVES the snack necklaces! When he gets fussy on the go, snack necklaces to the rescue!!!

On the Go Snack Necklace

Errands are so much easier now that I have a secret weapon! 


*Please supervise your child the entire time they are wearing the snack necklace.  Remove when they are finished. 

What is your favorite on-the-go snack idea for kids?



  1. Such a great distraction for those long shopping trips and the big kids get to make something too! Sounds like a win-win to me!

  2. Girl, this is absolutely brilliant! I totally need to try this for Olivia. She gets so impatient sitting in a shopping cart... unlike her brother who was always so relaxed! Thank you for sharing. :o)

  3. So fun! I love that the older ids can help, and get the treat as a reward!

  4. Those are awesome and mess free!!



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