Our Five Ring Circus: Thursdays Just Aren't The Same

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thursdays Just Aren't The Same

Almost every Thursday, our group of friends gather for a playdate. Over the summer, all the kids are involved.  Now that school is back in session, only a few kids remain. 

I miss my kids.  True, Lily and Liam are still involved. But I miss Dylan and Lexie. I miss ALL the big kids! It just isn't the same without all of them.

So much changed from last year to this year.  On our final Thursday playdate last summer, Amy, Steph, and I were still pregnant. We posed for a belly picture.  I was actually in early labor and I had Liam 3 days later.  This year, 3 new babies tagged along on our excursions.

This summer was fun!  We tried to do something different every Thursday, and the kids really enjoyed our outings.

For our last Thursday playdate of the summer, most of us gathered at a local park.  Of course, the mamarazzi made the kids pose for one last group photo.  They're completely used to it by now!  We had a fun afternoon with great friends, but the sense of summer coming to an end was a bummer.


Every time we get together, I think about just how lucky my kids are to have friends like these. They are all good kids.  They have their off moments, but they truly love each other. All the big kids scoop up the babies and help out with the younger kids. They really do act like one big family, and I love it!!!

I'm not the type of person who deals well with the rapid passing of time.  We have one more year of Thursday playdates left, and then everything is going to change.  Next Fall, 2 of the kids will be going to Kindergarten, and 3 of the kids will be in Pre-K.  Our playdates will be limited to school breaks and summers. 

The thought of that saddens me.  We're going to have to plan lots of weekend events to make up for it! We just love this group so much!


  1. we are the same!! I can't deal with the time passing so fast! I'm always looking back on my blog or watching old photos!!!... but also the future looks so excited!!! new things to do and experiment

  2. This is so fun!! You are so lucky to have such a great group of moms/kiddos!

  3. I am not ready for all this change either. I want our kids playing, the smell of summer, to get my baby snuggles, great conversations and see you all.

  4. Awe! It's so nice you have so many Mom friends, so important.

  5. Don't you miss summer already?!? I do, but I am also learning to enjoy my "downtime". It's a little struggle, but I am able to get so much done and spend more time with the kiddos after school.


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