Our Five Ring Circus: Happy Fall Mish-Mash

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall Mish-Mash

~Happy First Day of Fall from Liam and Liliana!~


~The nights are cold, but it warms up during the day. What this means is we're wearing lots of layers or two outfits a day! The weather is absolutely beautiful right now!  It will be in the seventies for the next few days.  I wish it would stay!!!~

~A sure sign Fall is here?  Liam has a yucky cold.~

~We're running lots of errands during the day.  Thankfully, the kids nap perfectly on the go, even with groceries piled on top of them. Our evenings are filled with the after school homework-dinner-shower-prepare for the next day rush.  I usually don't sit down between 4-9:00, except to eat dinner.  Then Grant and I watch 2 hours of TV (Our current obsession is Orange is the new Black!) before heading to bed.~


~The current favorite thing that I bought is an outfit for Liam.  It's from Target, and it's 6-9 months, which means it won't fit until after Christmas.  Little Dude is a peanut.~


~We have family movie night every Monday! We all enjoy cuddling on the couch after dinner, and watching a fun movie!~


~We're back to visiting Grant's Mom and Nannie every Sunday afternoon.  The kids love it!~

~I went to a Tupperware party on Saturday.  Lily begged me to buy the Frozen tumblers.  If you need them, my friend Stephanie is your girl. 

~We also hit up the park because it was beautiful outside.~


~We had a Saturday evening at home, which used to never happen!~


~ALERT THE PRESS!  Liam got his first tooth at 13 months 2 days, after what felt like MONTHS of teething.  Finally.~


~My kids love the huge carts at the grocery store, even though they're hard to steer.  Liam recently rode in one for the first time and thought it was awesome!~


~We had a scheduled 2 hour delay on Friday.  I LOVE those days.  We get to sleep until 9, the kids wake up happy, and we don't have to rush to the bus stop!~

~Lexie requests curly hair now. Our first attempt was pin curls.~


~I took the kids to the Homecoming parade on Friday evening.  They had a great time seeing all their friends, they got a ton of candy from Dylan's friends on the football team, and Lexie decided she wants to be a cheerleader!~


~I usually visit my parents on Friday evenings and go shopping.  This week, however, we stayed home and invited our friends over.  It was a great night!~


~We found a huge praying mantis stuck in a web on our house.  We rescued it, showed the kids, and released it in our backyard.  We hardly ever see them!~


~Liam turned 13 months old!~


~We spent 2 hours at the family car dealership last Thursday for some recalls on our SUV.  The kids were angels, and a man even told me Liam was the most content and happiest baby he has ever seen. I rewarded Lily's good behavior with a surprise trip to the park!~


~Dylan and Lexie had picture day last week. I still can't figure out why I spend so much money on pictures when I take better ones myself!~


~Lily's newest trick is getting into Lexie's markers and makeup after Lexie falls asleep.  Yep.  They got moved out of reach.~


~My mom had a birthday last week!  We celebrated by having dinner with her the following night!~

~Liam isn't quite crawling yet, but he spends a lot of time pulling up to his feet and trying to take steps.  His PT suggested getting Sure Steps for him to teach him correct foot placement.  He doesn't roll his ankles inward, like many children with Down Syndrome do, but he does tend to balance on his heels or toes. I spoke with his OT and she agreed that using them as a teaching tool during therapy and floor time would be a great idea. 


~Liam LOVES to eat.  I can't figure out where all that food is going, because he's still under 16 pounds!~


~Dylan is a great big brother.  He can always calm Liam down in a matter of seconds when teething pain is getting to him.~


~Who are these big kids?!?~


~On that note, they're going to look even bigger when Fall ends.  For now, we're going to enjoy the last few summer-like days before returning to sweaters, boots, sitting by the fireplace, and all things pumpkin.~


  1. Love reading your day!!! Lili picture sleeping in the shopping car was so funny!! thanks for sharing

  2. Hooray for the first tooth. Such cute pictures!

  3. OMG! As I was reading I kept thinking how sweet and what cute pics of the kiddos...then when I saw the picture of Dylan soothing Liam I nearly lost it. That is the sweetest moment. It took my breath away. What amazingly loving kiddos you have!

  4. Love the photo of Lily with all the "makeup". I can't believe when I started following you Dylan and Lexie were so little and now they are so grown up. I love seeing how great they are with the younger ones! You have a great family!!


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