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Monday, September 15, 2014

Life Lately/Currently/Over the Weekend

I'm working so hard to get caught up on the blog, and lots of posts from last month have been going up!  In the meantime, here's what's going on NOW:

Liam continues to slay everyone with his grin.

Lily had her 3 year well visit.  She's happy, healthy, and growing well!


I bought this (from Toys R Us): 


Grant and I celebrated 14 years of marriage!


Lily is currently participating in storytime, and she LOVES it!  She goes in by herself and doesn't even ask for help with her art projects.  She is going to rock pre-k next year!


Fall arrived in our backyard.


Liam had his 1 year eye appointment.  It went great!  Everything is normal, and she doesn't need to see him again until he's 2!


It would have been Grant's dad's birthday on September 11th.  We miss him so much! He loved his family, his country, and being mayor of his town.  I really wish he could have met Liam, but he passed away 2 months before we found out Liam was on his way.


Our first "baby" would have been 12 on that day, too.  Just looking at Morgana's sweet face (and little Pepe's face) makes my heart ache. They both will always have a special place in my heart!


Lexie wore JEANS for the first time in several years.  She never liked them, but decided to give them a try!  She is adjusting well to 2nd grade.  She likes her new school, likes her teacher, and is already acing her tests!


Dylan is getting so big!  He is having a great year, too.  He loves his teacher and loves his friends!


Liam rode in the cart for the first time.  The cart cover was buried under a huge pile of groceries from Costco, but he did great without it.  I usually keep him in his infant car seat or wear him in the Ergo, but this is a great new alternative when he's awake!



I'm watching...Orange is the new Black.  We watched 2 episodes, and we're hooked!
I'm reading...Criminal by Karin Slaughter.  Crime books are my weakness!
I'm listening to...the latest hits.  That's what the kids request in the car!
I'm thinking about...everything I need to organize, plan, and do!  It's overwhelming!
I need to...finish swapping out the summer clothes for fall clothes.  This morning was COLD!
I'm creating... meal plans, lists, and blog posts.  Constantly.
I'm cooking...crockpot macaroni and cheese and fish for dinner tonight!
I'm shopping for...clothes for the kids, items for home renovations, and birthday presents.
I'm organizing...paperwork and bills. Despite my best intentions, I always fall behind!
I'm proud of...how far Liam has come in one year.  His OT and PT are working on his yearly evaluation, and he really is doing great!
I'm looking forward to...movie night with my family tonight and watching some more Orange is the new Black!
I'm loving...the quiet in my house right now.  Ahhhhhh!
I'm very grateful for...good health for all my family and friends.

Over the weekend...we celebrated my sister's upcoming 40th Birthday with a surprise party at a local park. It felt warm all afternoon, but right after we arrived, the temperature dropped into the fifties and the wind picked up. We were all bundled up like it was winter!  For some reason, it felt colder than it really was. The kids ran off with their cousins, Grant played with the kids, and I bundled up in a blanket and spent time with 3 of my 7 siblings.  Despite the chilly weather, it was a nice afternoon spent with my family! 


On Sunday, we visited Grant's family and I started pulling out the Fall clothes.  It was a laid-back end to our weekend.  It was a good one!

Our plans for this week...We are staying home all day today!  Tomorrow, Liam has PT, then we have to buy some birthday presents and stop at the pharmacy, then Lily has storytime. I'm visiting my parents on Wednesday.  On Thursday morning, I have to take my SUV to the dealership for a recall.  On Friday, we are going to the Homecoming Parade, then hanging out with some friends.  I'm going to a tupperware party on Saturday and we're visiting Grant's family on Sunday.  Add in errands and morning walks, and it will be another busy week!


  1. that smile!!!! yay for successful story time...I cant believe they are going to pre-k next year, weren't they just born :(

    OITNB is so addicting, I need to finish season 2. happy (late) anniversary to you and grant!!!

  2. I can't believe they will be going next year. Too soon!!!
    I love OITNB. It really is addictive!!!


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