Our Five Ring Circus: Under the Weather

Monday, January 13, 2014

Under the Weather

Our kids were blessed with great immune systems.   I could probably count on one hand the amount of times Dylan, Lexie, and Lily combined were on antibiotics.  They typically get one or two minor illnesses a year, and they go away on their own without intervention.

We have even been lucky with Liam.  Other than slow weight gain, he has been so healthy.  Kids with Down Syndrome are more prone to respiratory infections,  and we were told that a lot of them spend their first year fighting off illness after illness.  I thought he had a cold in early December, but it turned out to be his reflux.  The congested sound went away after a medication adjustment!

Our kids have been testing us the last few weeks, though!  Just before Christmas, Lexie got her first UTI, and had to take antibiotics.   Dylan was sent home from school on Friday due to suspected pink eye.  I honestly think his eyes were just irritated, but I spoke to his pediatrician, and she said it wouldn't hurt to have him use a prescription eye drop for a few days.  She phoned it into the pharmacy so we didn't have to come in for an appointment and risk catching something.  I put the drops into his eyes about an hour after he was sent home, and it cleared up completely.  None of us caught it, so I'm thinking my hunch was right!

On Saturday night, Grant and I were talking about how lucky we were that Liam was so healthy and hasn't been sick yet.  Well...on Sunday morning Liam woke up screaming, and had a 103.4 degree fever.  He was breathing rapidly, so we decided that we should take him to Urgent Care instead of waiting to see his pediatrician.  Our little guy was miserable!


I'm so glad we took him in.  After a flu swab (negative) and 2 chest x-rays, they determined he had pneumonia.  I can't believe how fast the symptoms came on!

The doctor sent him home with an antibiotic and orders to see his pediatrician this morning. Liam slept a lot more than usual yesterday, and his high fever broke.  He was still fussy this morning, which is not like him, but it seemed like he was feeling better.

The pediatrician checked him over and said he was on the mend!  She told me it was great that I listened to my instincts and took him in when I did.  The best news?  No hospital stay!!!

I can't wait to see his huge smile light up the room again.  I just want my happy, healthy baby back!

Our little guy is a fighter!  We really appreciate the thoughts and prayers we received yesterday.  They worked!!!


  1. I'm praying for him to get well soon! ((hugs))

  2. I said a little prayer for him last night.

    Keep us updated!

  3. been thinking about you all...hope everything turns out ok and you dont have to stay at the hospital

  4. that picture breaks my heart! poor little man. hope he is better soon : )

  5. Pneumonia is scary. Hope he is better soon! Two of mine had it this fall as well. .. which is weird for us. I guess the respiratory stuff is bad this year.

  6. So glad everyone is back to being healthy!

  7. oh my goodness!!! My post today is about my little's guy emergency medical visit too. How scary! So glad he is doing better and I hope he's himself in no time.

  8. Oh man, sick babies are no fun! :( Emma has had a few UTIs and they are the worst! Hoping all the kiddos start feeling better soon!

  9. How scary! I'm so glad your little man is getting better at home!

  10. What a sweetie!! Prayers to you all!!!


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