Our Five Ring Circus: Pregnancy Perks

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pregnancy Perks

It's no secret that I have had 4 rough pregnancies.  From severe daily morning sickness to bed rest to constant contractions, it's amazing that I did this a second time...and a third time...and a fourth time!

However, 9 months of misery is completely worth it considering the amazing gift we receive at the end of it all! 

It's hard to stay so positive when you are sick and contracting every few minutes every single day, but a dear friend of mine helped me see the light on a particularly rough day.  There are many common pregnancy symptoms that I don't have to go through!

*I don't overheat or get hot flashes.  Quite the opposite, really.  I'm always cold, even in 80 degree weather!

*I've never peed myself during pregnancy or after the baby was born.  It must be all those Kegel exercises.  KIDDING. 

*The daily sickness leads to minimal weight gain, which means that I am under my pre-pregnancy weight the moment the baby is born, and my post-delivery baby bump disappears by the time I leave the hospital. (Don't hate...I literally throw up every single day, and my babies are giants.)

* I've never had any pregnancy swelling.

*I've never had a stretch mark.

*I can feel my babies moving around very early in my pregnancies.  

*Heartburn is incredibly rare.

*I've never waddled.

* I've never had a problem painting my toenails, tying my shoes, or shaving my legs. 

*Cravings don't happen.  Aversions do.  Grant is secretly thrilled that he has never had to go on a late night craving run.

*I've never dealt with shortness of breath.

*I never have problems getting out of bed or off the couch.  I often forget I have a baby bump!

*I can still run an almost daily 5K at 37-39 weeks pregnant, while contracting every 3 minutes.   (I wanted Lily OUT!) 

And the best perk of all?  The happy, healthy, beautiful babies that we are blessed with!  We are so excited to meet the little love that will complete our family!!!


  1. I love this! Way to stay positive!!!

  2. Funny how almost all of your perks are the downfalls to my pregnancies. But at the same time, I don't envy your situation either. You have truly been blessed with 3, soon to be 4, adorable children!

  3. You are SO lucky you don't have heartburn, count that as a blessing! I had it so bad, still do, that's why Sofia has a massive head of luscious hair ;)


  4. Staying positive is a good thing!

  5. Great way to look at it! It's amazing to me that once I'm no longer pregnant and complaining about it, I can look in envy at pregnant women walking around lol. It sure is a special time, no one can deny that.

  6. You were made to make babies! Me, not so much! I do love them once they are out, tho :)

  7. One word: LUCKY!

    The peeing is new for me this pregnancy.

    The heartburn came with Lily and is way worse this time. Although I think I'd take it over your all day all pregnancy puking.

    Bending over sucks.

    And as you know, since I text you with my late night issues, (lucky you) you're lucky to miss that!

    It's all worth it 100%!

  8. Im not as sick as you, but I do still throw up everyday too and people are always surprised that I want to get pregnant again. It is all worth it in the end :)

  9. Way to look on the bright side! :-)

  10. way to look on the bright side!!! I dealt with a lot of those lovely side effects you are without, but I can't imagine the sickness. I have no idea how you run feeling that ill!!!

  11. I have to say, I did love being pregnant - while my deliveries were very hard, carrying my babies was awesome! I did get stretch marks, though & heartburn, I waddled, I had swelling, and probably a lot of the other things you haven't had to deal with - but I still loved being pregnant! And you do look amazing!

  12. I may secretly hate you right now but I don't envy you because you do have your share of hardship with the sickness. I wouldn't wish that on anyone and therefore you should get all those perks! :o)
    I'm about to complain on my bump post, way to be positive! :o)


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