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Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm watching...Dexter and Cheers!  I'm so bummed that this is the last season of Dexter!

I'm reading...Inferno by Dan Brown.  I loved his other books, but I'm only 2 chapters into this one. 

I'm listening to...the Hits radio station on Sirius/XM radio.  My kids love that station, and I have to admit, I've found a few great songs just by listening to it!

I'm thinking about...how time flies.  Lily turns 2 in less than 2 weeks, my big kids go back to school 5 weeks from today, and the baby is due in less than 7 weeks!  I am in denial about Lily turning 2, I'm wishing I had more time with my big kids to enjoy summer (I'm one of those moms that enjoy having her kids home!), and I'm super excited to meet our new little love!

I need to...do everything?!?  First up is painting the trim in the kids' rooms, then painting the walls in the girls' room, then move on to finishing our bathroom.  Also, I have to pull out the newborn boy clothes and newborn girl clothes, and go through our baby gear to see what we have and what we need to replace!  We need to put up shelves in our living room and work on our basement, too!  Ha!

I'm creating...bedrooms that the kids will love and that are well organized!

I'm cooking...Beef cubes and carrots over noodles tonight, Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo tomorrow, Steak/Baked Potatoes/Corn on the cob/Vanilla Pudding Pie on Wednesday for Grant's Birthday,  and Smothered Pork Chops over noodles on Thursday. 

I'm shopping for...a going home outfit for the baby (a boy and a girl version!), a new camera lens, baby gear, and a baby book.

I'm organizing...everything in sight!  The nesting is out of control!

I'm proud of...my sweet baby girl!  She's slowly getting the hang of potty training, and wearing underwear during the day when we are at home!

I'm looking forward to...getting everything done on our to-do list and meeting our sweet baby!

I'm loving...my husband and kids!  They make me so happy.  Also?  Watermelon and Ice Pops.  I can keep them down.  That makes me happy, too!

I'm very grateful for...this pregnancy.  Even though it has been rough with the constant morning sickness, I love this baby so much.

Our plans for this week...Aubrey will be at our house all week.  Tomorrow, the girls have their last summer storytime session at the library. Wednesday is Grant's birthday.  We're having a playdate on Thursday.  We're visiting my parents on Friday.  The kids have a birthday party on Saturday, then Grant and I are going out for his birthday.  I'm not sure what our plans are for Sunday!


  1. I am dreading my kids going back to school! I can't believe that July is almost over!

  2. Your dinner menu sounds delish! Good luck with the next few weeks, sounds busy :)


  3. Grant's bday dinner sounds delicious!

  4. I need to get motivated by reading about your organization going on :)
    I can't wait to see the finished version of the kids rooms!

  5. I'm so not ready for school to start back up. I have been getting spoiled with this new schedule of only having to go into the office 2 days a week. Getting up early and back into a routine 5 days a week is going to suck.

  6. We are SO behind on Dexter, like SEASONS behind. Oy!

    Yay for watermelon and Ice pops. Whatever you can keep down girl, keep on it! :)

  7. I would never be able to not know what we are having! It would drive me bonkers but I think it is so cool that you wait! I wish I could do it, even contemplated doing that with Paisley but I just couldn't find it in me to hold out haha

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers


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