Our Five Ring Circus: 32 Weeks with Baby #4

Friday, July 12, 2013

32 Weeks with Baby #4

How far along: 32 Weeks!

Due Date:  September 6, 2013

Total Weight Gained:
  I finally gained back the weight I lost, but haven't gained anything over that.

How big is baby?
  Our sweet pea is 3 3/4 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long.

How baby is growing:
  Baby #4 will gain a third to half of his/her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as he/she fattens up for survival outside the womb. He/She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz).The skin is becoming soft and smooth as he/she plumps up in preparation for birth. {from babycenter.com}

Maternity Clothes:
I'm still wearing my regular pants, but I now wear longer, non-maternity shirts.

Stretch Marks:
None! I've never had one before, so I'm hoping that trend continues!

Sleep: Sleep? 
What sleep?!?  I have pregnancy insomnia!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
  Finally getting prepared for the baby's arrival!  I made a list of what we need, and I'm slowly checking items off the list as I buy them.  Everything else will wait until after I have the baby, because then I can buy gender specific items.

Movement:  Baby #4 is moving around frequently.  He/She is very strong.  Sometimes the movements actually hurt!!!

Food Cravings:  Watermelon.  I can't get enough of it.

Food Aversions: Almost everything.

Morning Sickness: I still have hyperemesis, and I'm taking daily medication for it. I'm used to being sick everyday, but I have to admit, I'm excited for it to go away after I deliver!

It's a surprise! We have never found out the gender of our babies!

Names: If it's a girl, she has a definite first name (it was actually our 2nd girl name for our 3 previous pregnancies), but we're still deciding on the middle name.  It's the opposite for a boy.  The middle name will be Dayne, after Grant's dad's middle name (he passed away in October, before we got pregnant), but we don't have a first name.  We have a list, but we can't agree on the name, and nothing sounds perfect!

Symptoms:  Hyperemesis  (ALL DAY morning sickness), Braxton Hicks contractions (irritable uterus), back pain, pressure, abdominal pain, anemia, peeing more frequently, headaches, mood swings, and irritability.

Exercise:  Treadmill workouts 4 days this week.

What I miss: Feeling normal.  I have been sick since January 3rd! I can't wait to be nausea-free!

What I'm looking forward to: My 32 week appointment on Tuesday.  I'm going all the time now, but I love hearing the heartbeat!

32 Week Picture:



  1. Sweet little bump!

    You know I had HG too and zero stretch marks. I think it's related bc you gain weight soooo slowly. It took me until 39 weeks to gain 7 lbs total. Or at least that's what I tell myself like you know all this terrible nausea will be worth it!

  2. I hope you realize just how beautiful you are. I love seeing your belly pics and I can't believe how tiny you are...I was a house with #3 I can't imagine how big I would be with #4!
    I can't wait to hear all the details when he/she is born!
    You are doing great!!

  3. You're so cute! Finally getting a little belly. Getting so close!

  4. I can't imagine having morning sickness for that long! You poor thing! :( Not too much longer, tho!

  5. You look so great! Baby must be loving all that watermelon :-)

  6. You look so cute!
    I'm so sorry you're so sick :( I was that way with both of my pregnancies as well...its so hard. Especially when you have other people to care for!
    I'm jealous you have never had a stretch mark! My body apparently doesn't stretch very easily haha ;)

  7. Hang in there! You look amazing. 32 weeks already!

  8. You look fabulous! Can't believe you're that far along already!

  9. Looking good mama. I can't believe it's getting so close. I can't wait to see what you guys are having!

  10. You still look great!!! I can't believe you are so close!!! Yeah!!!

  11. Not too much longer, then no more sickness! You look great. :)

  12. What a sweet little bump! You look great & congrats (just found your blog). :) I think that's so cool that you guys make the gender a surprise. Would love to do that with our 3rd.


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