Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is my way of remembering all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!

{1} Lexie loves to color, paint, and draw, and is proud to display her artwork. Her most ingenious way of displaying it? By gluing it to the wall.

{2} Dylan takes off all his clothes when he has to, ahem, use the bathroom. He just started doing that about a year ago. The other day, I asked him why he did that. His response was, "Just because I like to poop naked!!!"

{3} My I-Have-To-Wear-A-Dress-Everyday girly girl told me, "I love cats and I love frogs and I love snakes." When we went shopping on Saturday, I promised her a treat from Target's dollar spot. She picked out a giant cricket.

{4} Dylan loves to play Wii, and even likes to watch Grant play games. That's what he's currently doing!


{5} The other day, Lexie got mad at Dylan and my nephew for excluding her. She looked at them, and shouted, "Hey! I am cute, buddies!!!"

{6} Lexie was annoying Dylan with her constant talking the other night. Dylan told her, "That's disturbing! It's in my brain!"

{7} Lexie loves lip gloss, and is constantly trying to steal mine, too. My mom gave me a plumping lip gloss that I can't use, so she happily took it over. She calls it her spicy lip gloss!

{8} When we drove past a local bar the other night, Dylan told Lexie, " That's a beer house where you go drink beer."

{9} Tubby time is still a favorite in this house.


{10} Yesterday, my sweet boy grabbed Lexie's hand, and told her, "I am so glad you are my sister, Lexie. I love you so much." He then smooched her hand!


  1. it's so nice when they get along!

    Laura told O this week, "that if you keep that attitude, I'm not helping you any more!"

  2. Lexie's "I am cute, buddies" made me smile - so cute!!! I love reading these posts :)

  3. Awww, #10 melted my heart! These two seem like they are SO much fun! You could write a book with all of their cuteness!

  4. Cracking up at the "hey I'm cute" comment, and the gluing artwork to the wall (eek!). Thankfully Itty Bit has not decided he needs to fully disrobe to use the facilities, hee hee!

  5. They are non-stop comedy! Lucky you!!
    Ashton used gum to glue together some pictures he made for his teacher.

  6. LOL at pooping naked. I know other kids that do the same thing. I also know some kids that change their underwear every time they go to the bathroom.

    That last one melted my heart!

  7. That last one is so sweet! And oh no about glueing her art to the wall! I hope it didn't make too big of a mess!

  8. How sweet! :)

    We have had plenty of art glued to our walls too. But my girls' favorite way to display it is with duct tape!

  9. I always enjoy reading your Tuesday Tidbits! Your kids are so funny but cute! Love that beer house! LOL!

  10. I love the "I'm cute buddies!" line! Kids come up with the best stuff!


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