Our Five Ring Circus: TGIF

Friday, February 11, 2011


We had another busy week, and I'm still in go-go-go mode! I'd like to say that this weekend is going to be relaxing, but the next three days are going to be just as busy. Maybe I'll get a break on Tuesday!

A few things on my mind:

{1} We registered Dylan for baseball this week. Instead of playing a second year of T-Ball, he opted to join the 6-7 year old coach pitch league. He's really excited!

{2} We have to register Lexie for Pre-K 4 on Monday. EEK! She's growing up TOO fast. I can't believe she's going to be 4 in less than two weeks!

{3} My dad was cleared to drive today. His doctor wants him to fully recover over the next 6 weeks. He will meet with the heart surgeon after that. I'm not sure when the bypass will be, but his blockage isn't critical, so there's no rush.

{4} Dylan grew again, so I had to buy him new jeans. I hate shopping for jeans for him! He's really skinny, so he can only wear adjustable waist slim fits.

{5} While shopping, he insisted on buying a "soldier" hat. I think it's ugly, but he loves it! He wears it all the time, and pretends to be a soldier.


{6} Lexie didn't need anything, but really wanted something. I picked out a Valentine's Day dress for her. Of course, she insisted on wearing it right away!


{7} After 11 years of being with the same insurance company, we switched companies. We're going to save a ton of money! We were really getting ripped off!

{8} Dylan got his report card on Thursday. He's doing an amazing job in Kindergarten! We're so proud of him!

{9} Dylan was late to school for the first time on Thursday, thanks to a long wait at the OB office. We showed up about 5 minutes after school started, but he was so worried about being late, that he quickly said goodbye to us, then rushed down the hallway toward his classroom. It was comical, but I think it's great that he loves school so much!

{10} We're getting a new car very soon. Grant's uncle works for Chevrolet, and had it custom built for him. They weren't even supposed to start building it until February 21st, but guess what's already sitting in the dealership lot? ;)

{11} My rugrats are exhausted after a busy week, but looking forward to a fun weekend!



  1. just came across your blog! your kids are so cute!! :) check my blog out if you can!! xo

  2. Sounds like everyone is doing great! I hope you are feeling better too.

  3. I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing well! And yay for a new car made just for you guys :)

  4. what kind of car are you getting how exciting.. we need a new car bad. Cant wait to hear all about baseball :)

  5. It is amazing how fast children grow. You have been busy! I hope you are having a great weekend! The pictures are so cute! Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  6. I have to buy Ashton slim adjustable jeans. He is 7 and I have to buy him size 6 and they get to be too short really quick. Shorts are much easier to shop for!!

  7. Ahh..gotta love these growth spurts! I am honestly amazed at how fast they can grow!
    Now, congrats on the new car! how fun!


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