Our Five Ring Circus: 15 Weeks-Valentine's Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

15 Weeks-Valentine's Day

DATE: February 14, 2011

How far along:
15 weeks

Total Weight Gained:
All loss so far.

How big is baby? Nugget is 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces. He/She is the size of an apple!

How baby is growing: The air sacs in Nugget's lungs are beginning to develop. The legs are growing longer than the arms now, and Nugget can move all of his/her joints and limbs. Although the eyelids are still fused shut, he/she can sense light. Nugget is also forming taste buds.

Maternity Clothes: No. Regular pants are still loose, and my regular shirts still fit perfectly.

Sleep: I sleep deeply at night, other than waking up to use the bathroom. I'm still having vivid dreams. I'm more tired during the day.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
Looking at baby stuff while shopping with Dylan and Lexie. We picked out things we need that we can buy now, and I made a list of the things we'll buy after the baby is born.

: The flutters are getting stronger. I can now feel them when I'm sitting down.

Food Cravings: Nothing.

Food Aversions:
Everything. Still eating because I have to.

Morning Sickness:
Still going strong.

Unknown, and not finding out! We've had the names picked out for weeks.

Nausea morning to night, gagging, vomiting, fatigue, frequent use of the bathroom, and braxton hicks contractions.

Exercise: I've decided to power walk for now. I've been having to take a pee break every 5 minutes while running!

What I miss:
Enjoying the taste of food and feeling normal.

What I'm looking forward to:
Feeling better, and seeing Nugget at the big ultrasound in a few weeks!

15 Week Picture:


We had a great Valentine's Day! Lexie is now registered for Pre-K 4. Dylan had a great party at school and got lots of goodies. The kids had fun playing with their cousins, at my sister's house, while Grant and I went out on a dinner date. We ate at Olive Garden, and had a great time together! When we got home, we gave Dylan and Lexie little presents. The kids went to bed happy, and Grant and I got to spend some more time together. It was a great day!



  1. you are such a beautiful mom with beautiful children (= Love the picturres. Happy belated Valentines Day. Aww, can't wait to see your belly bumps when you're all formed and stuff. <3 baby bellies. hehe.

    Anyways, have a nice week sweetie.

  2. You look so cute! Hope you start feeling better soon. Is it all day or just in the mornings?

  3. For feeling so awful, you sure look great!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Such a great color on you! Glad you had a great Love day! =)

  5. You look great.. still can't even tell your preggo. so not fair. Ha! Happy V-Day!

  6. It sounds like you are doing great...and you look way too cute to be 15 weeks pregnant!

  7. you are sure getting lovelier each day! :) happy valentines to you and to your wonderful family!

  8. I'm so glad you had such a fun Valentine's!!

  9. I'm sorry you're still so sick!!! Hope you feel better soon. At least the baby's doing well!!


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