Our Five Ring Circus: Tidbits on Wednesday

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tidbits on Wednesday

I usually do my Tidbits post on Tuesday, but since I seem to be a day behind on everything this week, today will just have to do.

Tuesday (make that Wednesday) Tidbits is my day to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do.

Some recent comments from Lexie Bean:

~"Is me brain in my head?"

~"Stop coffeeing (that would be copying) me!"

~"I mean business!"

~"I can't poop! I have eczema!"

~"Dylan hit me!" What's funny about that is that Dylan wasn't even home!

A few from Dylan:

~"I don't wear socks in bed because it feels difficult."

~"Womans are helpful!"

They do keep me laughing, even while I'm feeling miserable!


  1. Love it! I adore the silly funny cooky things kids say. Its great.

    SERIOUS CONGRATS ON BABY #3! so so thrilled for you and your family. Hope you are feeling well. Have a great night. Jen

  2. Oh your kids are too precious! Thanks for the smile. :)

    I love the little snowflakes over here too!

  3. Too cute - especially tattling on a brother who was not there :) I hope you feel better soon!

  4. awww...i love these posts! cant wait til my kiddo's can talk more and entertain me :)

  5. ok his comments cracked me up! They are way to cute!

  6. I am laughing out loud at my computer...so funny!!! and cute too :)

  7. poor Dylan, or should I say SuperStar Dylan? Hitting when he is not even in the house!!

  8. Sorry you feel sick. But your kids are hilarious. I wish I could remember to write down the stuff my kids say!

  9. Kids can always make you giggle with their silly little comments!

  10. Womans are helpful...LOL! Love it!

  11. Seriously adorable!

    <3, Your Newest Follower

  12. hilarious! i love the "i can't poop...i have exzema" LOL

  13. Oh those kids! They are so funny!


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