Our Five Ring Circus: Friday

Friday, December 3, 2010


Isn't that a clever title? I sure thought so! Or...I could just be exhausted, and unable to think of anything else.

I couldn't muster the energy to crawl out of bed this morning. Too early. Need more sleep.

I watched my nephew again this morning. I begged my sister to drop him off every morning! He keeps my kids busy! They disappeared into Dylan's room and I didn't see or hear from them for over an hour. I actually managed to get things done!

Remember that lack of energy? Couldn't muster enough to get my butt on the treadmill. Right after I decided against going for a run, I fell down the stairs. Awesome. Perhaps I should have just worked out?

My afternoon plans got messed up, so I had to reschedule a few things. This allotted some time for an afternoon nap. Why not? I was beat, and I got to snooze next to my baby girl. This was a great idea...but I couldn't fall asleep. Then I fell asleep. Ten minutes later, the alarm went off. I felt worse than before I had fallen asleep!

My dad finally had his appointment with the specialist. He is going to have surgery in early January to remove the blockage in his carotid arteries. Until then, he has to take it easy. I can't wait until the surgery is over, so I don't have to worry anymore!

When the bus pulled up after school, I could hear Dylan cheerfully saying goodbye to all his friends. The second he stepped off the bus, he broke into tears, and hung his head. When he cries, it breaks my heart. I think it's because he doesn't cry often! He was tired...and upset because he accidentally left his library book at school, and he really wanted to read it. He cheered up quickly, thanks to the Scholastic book order in his backpack!

Dylan got to buy Christmas presents for Grant, Lexie, and I at the Holiday Shop in school today. He was so proud of what he bought for everyone!

We spent the evening with my parents. My mom made turkey rice soup, and lots of cookies. YUM! Dylan and my dad went to visit my Uncle Mickey, leaving us girls alone. We decided to play Quiddler. It turned out to be a nice evening!

I'm linking up at Webbisodes for Phone Photo Friday.

This picture is of Dylan trying on my dad's Santa beard tonight!

I'm so glad it's the weekend! We're going to be busy, as usual!


  1. How cute is Dylan? Thanks for linking up!

    Sorry about your day, fall down the stairs, and too short nap! Hopefully the weekend will be tons better for you.

    I will be thinking of your dad and saying a prayer for all y'all. My dad had a triple bypass when I was a junior in high school. I know how stressful a family surgery can be and oh the worry...Soon it'll be over and you can breathe deeply! Until then prayers and well wishes!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. wow, lots of happenings on your busy Friday! have a good weekend...that pic of him w/ the santa beard-TOO CUTE!

  3. Aww - I could totally feel for Dylan about the library book! I'd be the kid begging my mom to drive me to the school to get it :)

    So glad your dad is scheduled to get "fixed"! Praying for his healing and for the perfect medical staff!

  4. oh i am going to do that next friday. i am always taking phone pics. now getting out my regular camera is another story... i always forget it.

  5. I totally get the tiredness. This season is hard enough with all the running, and then add all the THINKING (of gifts, to do lists, your dad...everything!) you have to do, and BOOM! Instantly tired. Take another nap this weekend!

  6. Loving that photo of him at the end in the santa suit!

    I'm glad your day turned around and it was going better for you by the end. I hope your nephew comes over next week to keep the kids busy so you can get a little more done! Everyone always tells me I'm crazy, but I would rather have 11 kids here than 5! lol


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