Our Five Ring Circus: Pumpkins and more!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkins and more!

It was my original plan to break up all these Halloween events into mini posts, but as usual, that idea gets thrown aside. I'll just sum up the month in one big blog!

We are big fans of Halloween in this household. The kids love it, and my husband lives for it!

We started out by putting up all of our decorations. Dylan had to take a break from all the decorating. Life as a 3 1/2 year old is tough!

We then visited our favorite pumpkin patch. We perused the patch for the perfect pumpkins, took a hayride, played with some farm animals, and Dylan got his face painted and crawled through a hay maze. Dylan had a blast, but Lexie was cutting her 2nd year molars, and would not crack a single smile.

Excuse my husband's mustache...he grew it in for a costume (Freddie Mercury) and I was thrilled to shave it off that night!

We visited this pumpkin farm last year, and here are comparison pics to show how much they've grown and changed!

Last year:

This year: (Yes, those are the same tights!)

What's Halloween without at least one party?

The kiddos marched in a Halloween parade through my parent's small town.

Here is what our pumpkins ended up looking like:

Every year we go Trick or Treating at the local nursing home. We will keep that as a tradition, because the residents love it!

Finally Halloween was here! The day was unseasonably warm and beautifully sunny, and Dylan was very excited to trick or treat.

Dylan loved our new decoration:
Lexie did not.

It was finally time to trick or treat.

Dylan had a great time! He lasted for about 40 minutes before he decided he wanted to go back to Grandma's house to play and hand out candy. Lexie was a trooper, and could have gone all night!

Dylan forgot all about his candy, and never even asked for it. The next day, I gave him his bag, and he looked through and picked out a juice box. Leave it to my son to choose something healthy over all that yummy candy!



  1. I loved seeing all your pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time. Truett is the same way about his candy. Too bad that means I will eat it! LOL

  2. So cute! Sometimes doing a big post makes you be more succinct. I tend to want to tell a long story, so maybe I need to make things short and to the point! It is probably much easier for my friends to follow. My hubby grew a “stache” (yes that was what he kept calling it) and I was happy the next day when it was gone too!

    The last pic with the kids in matching pjs is so sweet!!


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