Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday...okay, so it's almost Tuesday, but it still counts!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday...okay, so it's almost Tuesday, but it still counts!

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It isn't me who is sitting here at 11:19 PM "watching" the Steelers game, and trying to draw my Not Me's from the depths of my tired mind.

It wasn't me who bought a box of peanut butter/fudge cookies and hid them so my husband wouldn't find them and eat them all. Of course, it wasn't my husband who found them. (How does he DO that?)

It wasn't me who got all teary eyed, while watching the kids parade around for the residents of the nursing home, and their faces light up at seeing the kids, at the annual trick or treating event.

It wasn't Dylan who went deep sea fishing in my sister's aquarium. It wasn't me who was horribly embarrassed, considering he's never done anything so blatantly naughty before.

I did not drag the kids into Target the moment the store opened to pick up a few things. I did not give in, and let Dylan get a toy even though my husband previously said no. Nor did I pick up something for Lexie, because I felt guilty for not getting her anything. I did not try to convince Dylan to not tell his Dad. It wasn't Dylan who told his Dad. Must have been another very vocal, nearly 4 year old.

It wasn't me who took the kid's to the barn on the coldest morning we've had so far this fall. I didn't feel somewhat relieved that Cherokee was just going outside to eat some hay, which meant that our visit would be short. I did not get stuck talking to the barn owner for a half hour, while Dylan and Lexie shivered in my arms.

I didn't wonder how on Earth I was going to handle 3 kids on my own, since I could barely handle my own two kids, and a chihuahua, as I took him to the vet. I wasn't on the verge of a nervous breakdown, as I stood in the office, hoping that he didn't have kidney failure like my last Great Dane. (Luckily it was just a UTI.)

It did NOT snow here in Pennsylvania, in October. No freaking way.

I have not been contemplating the idea of adding a third child to our family, since my husband brought it up Saturday night. After all, two is more than enough for me. It's not me who can't get the thought of that sweet, future baby out of my head. Nor will it be me who will fight furiously for the name Lily (Liliana) if it's a girl!

It's not MY kitchen that is almost finished. We didn't work our butts off on Saturday to get work done. I am not absolutely amazed that it just may be finished in time for Dylan's birthday party in less than 3 weeks.

Speaking of said birthday party, it's not my boy that is turning 4. It has to be another kid!


  1. Cute! or should I say, Not cute:) Is Cherokee a horse? I haven't yet had a chance to read your blog...I'm so "not" jealous if it is! I'm anxious to read more now...

  2. Yeah I'm convinced you went to the barn the same day I went to the Pumpkin Patch. Man it was freezing!

  3. I LOVE the name Lily (Liliana)! I wanted to name Avery that but Jason didn't like it. So...I named our cat Lily! LoL


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