Our Five Ring Circus: My baby girl is not really a baby anymore

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My baby girl is not really a baby anymore

Experts say that children experience a "language explosion" between 18-24 months. Lexie has had two different times so far where her vocabulary grew. Today, we have moved on to conversations. It all started this morning.

Lexie had just woken up, and I took her out of her crib. She wandered down the hallway, dragging her blanket behind her, and clutching her bunny to her cheek. She walked into the room Dylan was in, and said, "Hi Deal!" Dylan responded with a very excited, "Hi Lexie!" He then proceeded to whack his head off the handle on my treadmill, and said, "OUCH!" Lexie crouched down in front of him, and asked, "You otay, Deal, you otay?" "Yes, I'm okay, Lexie," Dylan replied. "Otay!" Lexie said. "Bye bye!" She left the room, and walked back down the hallway, leaving me standing there slack-jawed over the fact that my baby can now hold a conversation.

Later that morning, I was talking to Dylan while changing Lexie and her boyfriend, Tyler, and I realized that I was, in fact, thinking I was ready to add a third child to the family.

(But not just yet...Dylan starting Pre-K and us getting a bigger car are in order first!)

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