Our Five Ring Circus: A girl and her horse

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A girl and her horse

As a child, I was crazy about horses. Every Christmas and Birthday, I asked my parents for a horse. On January 8, 1992, I got my wish. Cherokee Song was the best present I have ever received.

Cherokee and I started to develop a special bond at our very first meeting.

I spent almost every day with my beloved horse. We took long, relaxing trail rides. We trained HARD for show jumping and eventing competitions. We learned together. I could often be found on Cherokee's back, reading a book or doing homework, while he munched on some hay. Even a very sprained ankle and broken bones in my foot couldn't stop me from riding.

We created many special memories together, and had an amazing bond. We grew up together.

I grew up and met my husband, and had less time to spend with Cherokee. Dylan arrived, and I had even less time to give him. When Lexie was born, my time with Cherokee dwindled to a visit every few weeks.

The horrible guilt of abandoning my beloved horse consumed me, so I began taking the kids for weekly visits. When having a child became a possibility for me, I hoped that I could share Cherokee with them someday. Now, that dream is coming true, and my children are getting the same wonderful experience with our horse as I had with him. I truly believe spending so much time with my horse made me a better person, and I hope it will be the same for them.

My first "baby" is now an old man. I know that it's only a matter of years before he leaves us, but I will treasure every minute we get to spend with him, just as I treasure all the memories I have of growing up with him.

My kids love their visits with our horse. Cherokee is always so happy to see us. More than anything, I wish he could live at our house, because he belongs with us. Lexie calls him her "baby" just as I did many years ago. As soon as Dylan and Lexie see their horse, smiles light up their faces. Cherokee stops whatever he is doing, perks up his ears, and comes strolling over to see us. He no longer races toward me, skidding to a stop in front of me, as he once used to. Time has slowed him down. Instead of running to greet me first, he greets Lexie, and then Dylan. Lexie is always first in line with a wave, and a "Hi Baby!"

Dylan loves to brush him and feed him treats, and Lexie loves to pat his nose and talk to him. As soon as I sit her on his back, her face lights up and she giggles. Dylan loves Cherokee, and Cherokee loves him right back. Cherokee ADORES Lexie. I think she reminds him of the little girl he once knew. Lexie is smitten with that horse, and it melts my heart.

Now, I am the one to stand back, and watch in amazement, as the special bond develops between MY girl and her horse.


  1. I loved reading that post and the pictures are precious!

  2. OMG! That made me want to cry! I always wanted to have that type of bond with a horse but never got one of my own. It's been 12 years since the last time I rode and I still miss it! I'm hoping to be able to start again and let my girls experience that joy too!

    He's beautiful BTW!

  3. Awww! What a beautiful post! You brought tears to my eyes :)


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