Our Five Ring Circus: CatholicMart, first dentist visit, and Happy Otter

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CatholicMart, first dentist visit, and Happy Otter

Dylan has been seriously cracking me up lately. That's a great thing, because certain aspects of my life have been rough lately, so I can always use a good laugh to get my mind off other things.

A huge Catholic Church Facility is being built near us. It is almost complete, and the place is overwhelmingly big. Grant sometimes refers to it as "CatholicMart" because it is surrounded by a ton of stores and restaurants, and seems a bit out of place. We drove by the other day, and my mom and my kids were in the car with me. She commented on how big it was, and I told her we called it CatholicMart. (I mean no harm here-most of my family is Catholic!) We got to the place we were going to, and I let Dylan out of the car. He stopped in the crowded parking lot, looked around, and said, "But Mommy, this isn't CatholicMart!"

Dylan had his very first appointment today with the pediatric dentist. I had a feeling he would do well, but I was a bit nervous. He was awesome! He actually had fun, and I loved the staff. I was very relieved to hear that his teeth were absolutely perfect, and that she didn't see orthodontics in our future. After being such a good boy, he deserved a treat.

So, we took Dylan to Toys R Us for his birthday. He was so excited to get a balloon and crown, and pick out a toy to get with his gift card. While we were there, I told him to tell me what he likes, so we can give Santa some ideas on what to bring him. He was very interested in getting a new train set for his train table.

Later, we were discussing the train sets in the car.

Dylan: I like the Happy Otter set better than the Polar Express set.
Me: I didn't see the Happy Otter set.
Dylan: No! The HAPPY OTTER set.
Me: I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see it.
Dylan: Not Happy Otter. HAPPY OTTER!
Me: Show it to me next time we're at Toys R Us.
Dylan: Happy Otter! Like the movie Nina has!
Me: What Otter movie?
Dylan: The one about the magic boy who flies on a broom and catches balls with his mouth.
Me: What? (Long pause) OH! You mean Harry Potter!
Dylan: Yes! Harry Potter. That's what I said, mommy!

Hehe. Happy Otter.

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  1. Oh I so loved this post! YOu know I'm a "Happy Otter" fanatic. But what I though was even funnier was that when we went to the Georgia Aquarium on our vacation, they had a bunch of "Harry Otter" stuff. LoL So he was sorta right!


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