Our Five Ring Circus: Sweet November - A Photo Recap

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sweet November - A Photo Recap

Sweet November - A Photo Recap

I said it before, but November went by ridiculously fast! Then again, that's every month these days. The truth is, the more kids you have, the busier life is, and the faster the months (and years) go by!

November was filled with so many sweet everyday moments, but we also celebrated Dylan's birthday and Thanksgiving, had many school events (which ended up on my smartphone's camera roll), Dylan started basketball, and we kicked off the holiday season! Because our December has been so busy, I've only been able to blog once a week, so I figured a short and sweet life lately post was the way to go!

Here's a glimpse at life in November...

We began preparing to welcome our baby BOY!

Gender Reveal

I spent some time with my beautiful girls.


We logged in MANY hours in the car!

Down syndrome blog

We enjoyed a VERY brief Fall!

Pittsburgh Kids

There were plenty of sweet moments (which made the moments of bickering not seem as bad).

Life with Down syndrome

Sisterly Love

Sibling Love

It rained SO MUCH.

Pittsburgh Blogger

Pregnant Blogger

We mourned the arrival of the COLD weather.

Down syndrome blogs

Trendy Bubs

Liam took over dog walking duty.

Down syndrome

English Mastiff Puppy

Pet Blogger

English Mastiff

The kids were super excited about a snow day! It didn't look like much, but we got ice first, and the roads were a mess, so school was canceled.

Big Family Life

Snow Day


I spotted some little woodland creatures...

The Lucky Few

The little ones learned how to play guitar!

Kids and Music

We celebrated Dylan's birthday and Thanksgiving on the same day!

14th Birthday


We had a brief return to no-coat-needed, beautiful Fall weather.

English Mastiff Puppy

Best dog breeds for families

We put up the Christmas Tree!

Christmas Traditions

We kicked off our Christmas Traditions by decorating our Christmas Tree.

Christmas Traditions for families

We ended the month with cuddles and more snow!

Kids and Dogs

Down syndrome

November was a busy, fun-filled month for our family! THESE are the moments I want to remember!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Dylan. No snow days for where I work, but we tend to get more snow in January, etc.


  2. Aw, these are some adorable memories of the month!

  3. Beautiful pictures, sweet children, blessed family.

  4. Your babies are growing so quickly, Stefanie! I just cannot believe how old all of them look these days! And to think that you'll have another sweet little one to snuggle soon, too!!

  5. What a sweet November you guys had! And how have I missed this precious dog?!! So happy you are snapping lots of shots of your growing belly.

  6. Love all the pics and monthly recap. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!


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