Our Five Ring Circus: Holiday Gift Guide For Men

Monday, December 17, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide For Men

Holiday Gift Guide For Men

I was compensated for some of the items mentioned below or received them complimentary.

Every year, when the Christmas catalogs start arriving, I immediately start flipping through them to get gift ideas for our four kids, and begin making lists. Weeks later, I find myself staring blankly at the gift list I’m trying to make for my husband. After 18 years of marriage, we’ve reached the point where we just buy what we want or need when we need it, which makes gift-buying a challenging task!

This Christmas, I want to do things differently. I want to fill those packages under the tree with gifts that are functional, fun, and unique, rather than give my husband the same things I give him every year!

Need some inspiration for the men in your life? Here are a few things I think the men in my life will love...


My husband has to shave on a regular basis, and it’s always a dreaded task for him! Gillette is offering Limited Edition Gift Packs with the Fusion ProShield razor this holiday season which just might make this task a bit easier! The gift pack features a stylish razor with a matte black razor handle and an all-black FlexBall feature, which gives it a monochrome look, and a matte black and chrome razor stand. The best part? It’s just $19.99! The Fusion ProShield gift pack is perfect for the man in your life, and available at Wegmans! Find your closest store here: spr.ly/StefanieBL


Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor


We already have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, but my husband loves it so much that he was dropping hints that he would love another for the TV in our bedroom so he doesn’t have to move it from TV to TV anymore. We canceled cable television months ago, and only use streaming services now. The Fire TV Stick works perfectly!

Amazon Fire TV Stick


Cologne is probably on every holiday gift guide for men, but my husband loves trying new scents each year! His favorite is Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani! 

Acqua Di Gio


Most people tend to buy sunglasses in the Summer, but they really are a year round essential! A few months ago, I received a pair of sunglasses from Sunski, and I absolutely love them. They are made from recycled plastic, have polarized lenses, come with a lifetime warranty, and are available in a wide variety of styles. I know my husband would love a pair!



My husband has a 45 minute commute to his office, and drinks coffee all morning to stay alert! A YETI tumbler will keep his drink hot during his entire drive to work!

Yeti Tumbler


My husband is very particular about slippers. We live in Pittsburgh, and it does get cold in the winter, so they are a necessity! He insists on slippers that have a sole so he can step outside in them, and ones that won’t slip off his foot. He’s never found a pair he likes, and just wears his Crocs around the house, but I this year, I’m gifting him mens booties! Hopefully these will be hit!

Mens Booties Slippers


One of my favorite gifts to give to anyone is coffee mugs! Perhaps it’s because I’m a mug lover, but I just think it’s such a fun and easy gift. I recently discovered that TeePublic sells more than just shirts - they actually have a great selection of Home Goods, including mugs! The best part is that they are all unique, and you can LITERALLY find something for anybody! This Old School Peanuts Mug was perfect for the Charlie Brown-lover in my life! 

old school peanuts mug teepublic

Teepublic mugs


What is it with men and electronics? Google Home needs to come into our home! This Smart Speaker and Home Assistant answers your questions, plays songs, and controls your smart home with your voice! (I’m not going to lie...I really want one, too!)

Google Home


My husband has to carry a lot of gear to and from the office, including his work laptop and files. A laptop bag is necessary for him, and having extra room to carry all of his other items is a must. This waterproof messenger bag is stylish, and can hold a laptop and much more! 

waterproof laptop bag


I mentioned TeePublic before, but my husband is a huge fan of their t-shirt collection! He already has one, and started a wish list for Christmas. That makes it super easy for me to shop for him! Just like their mugs and other home goods, they have an incredible selection of t-shirts. My husband is loves movies, tv shows, and books, and they have some of the most unique shirts, which he absolutely loves!



We love to have friends over and play games! We have quite a few favorite games in our collection already, but Phase 10 was one that we played many years ago that we forgot all about. At just $4.99, it’s a total steal!

Phase 10


Pretty much everyone I know has a Smartwatch or Fitbit now! The best thing about these watches is that you can replace the bands for a new look. I don’t think my huband has ever replaced his active strap, so I found this replacement Smartwatch band. It’s a bit dressier, PLUS it matches the messenger bag I mentioned! (Amazon is a great place to shop for replacement Smartwatch bands!)

Smartwatch Bands


My husband hates to wear bulky jackets unless it’s absolutely necessary, and prefers lightweight fleece jackets. This Full Zip Fleece Jacket from Columbia is a perfect option for him! Plus, I love this shade of blue!

Full Zip Fleece Jacket Columbia


Many people I know have given up cable and satellite TV to save money, and just prefer streaming services. We are one of the many families who have done that, and most of our immediate family and close friends have, too. We have Amazon, Netflix, and HBO, but my husband has been mentioning HULU. A HULU gift card just might be a great extra gift idea for him! 

No matter what you buy the special men in your life, I’m sure they will be thankful! Hopefully this gift guide will inspire you on your hunt for the perfect gift. Happy holidays and happy shopping! 

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  1. Great ideas! I like my slippers with a sole too. And tee public is a great place for unique shirts!

  2. Fun ideas. I used to play Phase 10 with some of my friends and it was always enjoyable. Also, that old school Peanuts mug is great. I LOVE the peanuts.



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