Our Five Ring Circus: How My Family Stays Active With Fitbit

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How My Family Stays Active With Fitbit

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This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included Fitbit as compensation.

Life with a big family is busy! After work, school, activities, and responsibilities in the home, there isn’t much time for anything else. Living a healthy, active lifestyle, however, is one of my family’s priorities!

It’s so important to teach children to make healthy choices and stay fit while they’re young, so healthy living becomes a lifelong habit. Just like everything else, it begins in the home. Kids learn by example! If we want to raise healthy, active kids, we have to be healthy, active parents!

Fitbit Versa

Recently, we became a Fitbit Family! Prior to receiving the Fitbit Versa Ruby, I didn’t even wear a watch. I wasn’t completely convinced that I would use it frequently, but I was wrong. I absolutely love it! I feel lost without it on my wrist, and I use it all the time. My family and I quickly learned that it’s easy and fun to stay in shape with Fitbit. It truly is such a great motivator!

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I’ve always been active, so I encourage my children to be active as well. Kids are naturally active, so it’s easy to do. The trick is to keep them motivated as they grow! My husband and I believe that family, education, arts, and fitness should be our priorities, and that the four of those things together lead to a well-rounded lifestyle! We don’t overschedule our children, but we do encourage them to stay involved in a sport or to get daily exercise.

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My kids keep so busy with sports and activities, so it’s often difficult to schedule time for ME to exercise. It got pushed aside so often recently, that I vowed to make daily exercise my own priority when my kids went back to school. Every morning, rain or shine, you will find me on the running trail after dropping my kids off at school, and I feel GREAT! I am so committed to my current workout routine, I’m actually pushing myself to do more, and I owe a lot of the credit to my Fitbit for keeping me motivated each and every day!


Right now, Kohl’s is featuring the Fitbit Versa Ruby and the soon to be released Fitbit Charge 3! When you incorporate a Fitbit into your lifestyle, you get a deeper understanding of your body, your health and your progress. Not only does the Fitbit motivate you to stay active, but it also gives you valuable insights into your health. It really is a helpful, multipurpose tool!

Fitbit Versa Ruby

The soon to be released Fitbit Charge 3 is a swim-proof advanced fitness tracker. It count steps, tracks your heart rate 24/7, features how many calories you burn, has more than 15 exercises, shows goal progress, and even tracks sleep!

The Fitbit Versa is an intuitive smartwatch available at a very reasonable price. It is the lightest metal smartwatch available in the U.S. market, and the comfortable design includes a new, simplified dashboard. It lasts 4+ days, and it can be personalized to keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals. The Fitbit Versa is now available in a ruby band, which is a Kohl's exclusive color, with a rose gold aluminum case! It comes with a small and a large wristband, and a charger.

Fitbit Versa Ruby

The Fitbit Charge 3 is available at Kohl’s Everyday Price of $149.99 and the Fitbit Versa Ruby is available at Kohl’s Everyday Price of $199.99. BUT, one of the main reasons I love Kohl’s is because I can frequently earn Kohl’s Cash for my purchases! This month, you can earn Kohl’s Cash on your Fitbit Purchase between 10/11 - 10/17 to be redeemed 10/18 - 10/28 OR earned 10/18 - 10/21, and redeemed 10/22 - 10/28! Kohl’s will also be having an October Sale on the  Fitbit Ionic $249.99 (Regular $299.99) or Fitbit Ace or Fitbit Alta $79.99 (Regular $99.99). (See all the coupons and deals HERE.)

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I have the Fitbit Versa Ruby, and I love it so much! It does require the free Fitbit app on your cell phone, which it links to with wireless bluetooth. I love the fact that I can fully personalize it with music, goals, and themes, and that the battery lasts 4+ days! It tracks my steps, heart rate, calorie intake, calories burned, and can even track my sleep. I love the reminders it gives me to stay active throughout the day, and the way it celebrates the goals that I reach!

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Here are a few more things I love about my Fitbit Versa Ruby:
  • I can use the app to change the theme based on seasons, holidays, interests, or just because!
  • It continuously tracks my daily progress, displays my daily stats, and gives personalized insights and reminders.
  • It tracks my steps, floors climbed, distance, calories in versus calories out, heart rate, and active minutes.
  • I can wear it while I sleep to track my sleep stages, or record my sleep manually through the app.
  • It has a female health tracker on the Fitbit app. I can log my periods and track my symptoms.
  • It has over 15 built-in exercise modes such as run, bike, swim, treadmill, weights, interval timer, and workout.
  • It offers personalized on-screen workouts, gives guidance on the moves, and adapts based on my feedback.
  • It has a coach feature with a 10 minute abs workout, 7 minute workout, and a 15 minute Treasure Chest workout.
  • When I run, I can use my smartphone’s GPS to see the distance.
  • It has alarms, timers (which I use often to time my daughter’s reading), a weather app, Spotify and Pandora. You can actually add many apps to your Fitbit from your smartphone.
  • The relax mode is awesome when I feel stressed. (This happens often with four kids!) It guides you through short, timed breathing sessions which really work!
  • Although I haven’t used this feature yet, it’s water resistant to 50M for use in the pool to track laps during swim workouts!
  • The band can easily be swapped out for another Fitbit band to make it more suitable for certain events or to personalize the look.
  • I receive notifications of calls, texts, emails, and more on my Fitbit. I have my notifications set to vibrate, which is really helpful when my smartphone is charging in another room! I don’t miss important calls and texts anymore!


Kids Yoga

After seeing how I use my Fitbit, and using it with me during workouts, my kids are begging for their own Fitbits! I love how it motivates me, but it motivates them, too! A great option for kids is the Fitbit Ace, for ages 8 & up. Although we don’t have much free time, we do get creative when it comes to fitting in daily physical activity!

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How to encourage your family to stay active:

  • Go for a family walk/hike together. Track your progress on the Fitbit along the way.
  • Challenge your kids to a quick race. I guarantee they will want to go further each time!
  • Make them play outside as often as possible. Encourage physical activity with climbers, playsets, slides, swings, scooters, bikes, and trampolines!
  • Take the family dog for a walk together.
  • Consider getting a pool membership during the Summer, and a membership to your local gym so you can swim and stay active year round.
  • Relax and stay active with mommy & me yoga!
  • Bribe them with a fun treat! 1 mile of walking = 15 minutes at the playground!
  • Encourage them to participate in a team sport!
  • Schedule “quality fitness time” with each of your children. I recently had my teenage son go for a walk/run with me when he was late to school due to a headache. Not only did he discover that physical activity can chase away the lingering pain from a migraine, but we really bonded while we exercised. Teenagers can cause a lot of stress, but I had a great time with just him!
  • Set family fitness goals, and work together to reach them!

Life with Down syndrome

Staying active as an individual is so important to your health and well-being, but it can be so much more fun when done as family! Daily exercise releases stress, and just makes you feel better and happier. Life with multiple kids can cause a lot of stress (just keeping it real), so it helps to have a great form of stress relief so everybody is happier in the long run!

Mother and Daughter

I use my Fitbit every single day, and it really has changed the way I work out! Now I have evidence of my daily workouts and my progress, and I frequently change my fitness goals. After a few days of use, I discovered my daily step goal was much too low, and I’ve upped it twice since then. I’m pushing myself harder, but I’m having fun along the way. The constant motivation, encouragement, and praise from my Fitbit keeps me going. It truly is a game changer for me and my family!

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  1. Your FitBit sounds awesome. I like that you can wear it in the pool, since I swim a lot in the summer. I have a FitBit too, and it is really cool to see how active you're being and I like that it tells me if someone is calling/texting me. :)


  2. Wow, this Fitbit sounds so much like the Apple Watch! I almost wish I'd known about it before I bought my watch, but that would have complicated my choice!

  3. I had no idea that Fitbits were so fancy these days!! OMG! I've been dying for an Apple watch but maybe I should just get a Fitbit!


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