Our Five Ring Circus: Kids & Music: The Many Benefits of Music Education

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Kids & Music: The Many Benefits of Music Education

Kids & Music: The Many Benefits of Music Education featuring Guitar Center

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My husband and I have musical backgrounds. When we were kids, we played instruments in band, sang in the choir, and performed in musicals. We actually met when we were cast as the leads in a musical, as Adam and Eve! As parents of 4, there isn't much time for our musical interests these days, but he still plays guitar, and I sing loudly to show tunes during my Mom Taxi duties. We are trying so hard to make music a big part of our kids' lives!

Music Lessons for Kids

Raising children is tough. There are many battles to overcome, and sometimes, as parents, we have to seek alternative methods. Music education can benefit ALL kids, and the benefits are endless! Encouraging children to sing or play an instrument can potentially improve many aspects of their lives. Music education builds social skills, creates discipline, leads to higher self-confidence, builds hand-eye coordination skills, leads to academic improvement, improves retention and cognitive reasoning, and allows kids to express themselves. Music can also lower anxiety and improve physical well-being! Just think about it...doesn't music make you feel happy?

My husband and I encourage our kids to make music a daily part of their lives in some form. They might express themselves by creating tunes with a program on the computer, by singing, by dancing, or by banging VERY loudly on instruments, but all four of our kids embrace music. And if they need a little help along the way, Guitar Center is there to help with all forms of music education!

As any parent with multiple children knows, siblings can be vastly different! Our kids are no exception. What works for one of them may not work for another. But music has had a positive impact on each of them, and is a part of their daily routines.

At nearly 14 years old, Dylan's interests have changed over the years. He played trumpet in band for two years, played the violin in orchestra for a year, and sang in the school chorus for 3 years. This school year is the first year he isn't involved in a music program. Although we were initially disappointed, we have to let him express himself in his own way. It turns out that Dylan has great artistic talent, and really enjoys the technical aspects about creating music. He loves using a program on his computer that creates beats and his own songs. Not only does it inspire creativity, but it requires brainpower, and has a calming effect on him. And if he decides to take up an instrument again, he does have a guitar sitting in the corner of his bedroom!

The benefits of music lessons for kids

Lexie is one of our biggest music lovers! She loves music from nearly every genre, has a genuine interest in learning how to play multiple instruments, and loves to sing. She joined an after school choir club in 4th grade, and played flute in the school band in 5th Grade. Chorus is mandatory for 5th and 6th graders, but she absolutely loves it. Although she enjoyed playing the flute, she decided that band wasn't for her, and that she wanted to focus on singing. She will be starting voice lessons in the near future, and she wants to learn how to play the keyboard/piano so she can accompany herself while singing! She loves musical theater like her mom and dad, and I have no doubt we will see her perform on stage in the future!

The benefits of music for kids

Lily is 7, and is still too young for the music programs at school. Lily is a natural born performer. She loves to sing, but currently expresses herself through ballet and jazz classes. I'm still not sure what the future holds for Lily regarding singing or playing an instrument, but I have no doubt she will be on stage in some way!

The Many Benefits of Music for Kids

Liam and music are a seamless match! It seems like that extra chromosome brings music appreciation along with it, and if you talk to many other parents of children who have Down syndrome, they will most likely agree! Liam sings along to everything, and has been interested in instruments since he was an infant. When he was still crawling around, he would watch Grant or my dad play the guitar with intense concentration, then try to mimic the strumming, and place his ear against the guitar to hear the vibration. He likes to try out every instrument he comes across, and we want to find the perfect instrument for him this year. We're thinking drums just might be a good bet!

Down syndrome

I definitely believe music has made a difference in our kids' lives. With music in their lives, they are happier, less stressed, and more confident. But if you aren't completely convinced, here are the many benefits of music lessons:

  • Music lessons allow kids to express themselves.
  • Music lessons build self-esteem and confidence.
  • Music lessons help with discipline.
  • Music lessons can lead to higher academic achievement.
  • Music lessons build social skills, and can help students learn how to work together.
  • Music lessons can help improve attentiveness, retention skills, and cognitive reasoning.
  • Music lessons build hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Music lessons lower anxiety and can lead to a happier, physical well-being.

The many benefits of music for kids

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to tour our local Guitar Center, and learn more about their amazing music education program. We took our music-loving Lexie with us for some one on one time. We knew she would get the most out of the experience since she's currently interested in voice lessons. Guitar Center is one of the largest independent music educators in the U.S. and there are so many great programs to choose from! If you're unsure of what type of programming to choose for you or your child, they host frequent Open Houses and free trial lessons. 

Guitar Center Pittsburgh

Guitar Center is already a leading retailer of musical instruments, supplies, and instrument repairs, but their music education programming is very impressive! You might be thinking Guitar Center = Guitar Lessons, but they offer so much more. Yes, they do offer guitar and bass lessons, but they also offer lessons for drums, keyboards, band and orchestra instruments of every type, and instruments such as ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and more!

Music Lessons at Guitar Center

If an instrument isn't for you, they have voice lessons and recording software lessons where you can learn how to write, record, edit, mix and perform! They also have recitals, free jam nights each month, and a rockshow where students form a band and perform onstage for a crowd. (I was informed that the last student band performed at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh!)

Music Lessons at Guitar Center

Why should you choose Guitar Center for lessons?

  • The Curriculum is customized for each student. They teach theory through contemporary music, and the curriculum is approved by the National Association for Music Education. The instructors will personalize the curriculum based on goals and interests. 
  • There are over 200 locations to choose from in the U.S. and that number increases each year. Plus, it's a one stop shop! You can get all of your supplies and necessary repairs done at the same location. Students also have the ability to schedule lessons at any location.
  • The professional instructors love music and love what they do! I spoke to several instructors while we were there, and I could immediately tell that they loved what they do.
  • They have a 6 tiered Achievement Program to help students monitor their progress and success. Students learn at their own pace, with as much or as little time as they need.
  • They offer lessons for a large variety of instruments, voice, and recording software. There is literally something for everyone!
  • The staff is knowledgeable about music, supportive, friendly, and they love what they do! It's such a positive atmosphere for any student!
Pittsburgh Blogger

During our tour of Guitar Center, we learned about the music education program, toured the area where music lessons are held, and explored the entire store. My husband purchased some new guitar picks, which he used later that evening. We also tried out a variety of instruments, and added some items to our Christmas wish lists. 

Guitar Center

Lexie was a bit hesitant to try the instruments at first, but the staff repeatedly encouraged her to try everything to see what she liked! Guitar Center is definitely an interactive store, and the staff really seems to encourage young children to pursue music. We got some great advice on getting Liam an instrument, and when he should begin lessons.

Guitar Center

During our visit, Lexie tried out drums, a ukulele, DJ equipment, and keyboards. She thought the drums were a lot of fun, and I honestly have to agree. I think I could release a lot of stress if I had a drum set at home! The DJ mixers were a lot of fun, too. I immediately thought of my teenager, and told my husband he needs to take him the next time he visits Guitar Center for supplies!

Guitar Center

My husband tried out a few new guitars, but decided he loves the one he currently owns. Instead, he showed me a few guitar straps that he would love to receive for Christmas! As for Lexie, she has her heart set on a keyboard for Christmas or her birthday. She said she would love to learn how to play, and accompany herself while she sings. Giving her the gift of music is something we can easily stand behind!

Music Lessons at Guitar Center

My husband and I are so proud of our young musicians, and we encourage them to explore their musical interests! Music has been beneficial for us, and for all of them. We are big supporters of music education, and so excited that we found a new go to place for all of our music needs! 

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Are you interested in signing up your child for music lessons? CLICK HERE to find a Guitar Center near you. There are over 200 locations nationwide!

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  1. I am so not musical but I really want Connor to play an instrument. I'm not sure what I have in mind, just something!

  2. That's awesome there are a lot of different lessons you can take beyond learning to play the guitar. I do love music, though I've never played an instrument. However, I am in dance classes and that's a fun way to enjoy music. :)


  3. I am all about investing in music for my girls. My parents did when I was younger and music is definitely a defining thing about me. I love it.

  4. Yesssss! I loooove music! I've been wanting to get the kids involved for some time now...piano lessons, maybe? Heck, I'd love to learn! It's so cool you guys met as leads in a musical. Oh my goodness. Love it! You're really making me want to call someone right now and get the kids all signed up! You're such good parents!!!

  5. I have always wanted to play guitar. I'm pretty sure my kids would like to have piano lessons! Zachary played clarinet last year and chose band as an elective this year but wasn't assigned to it, at least not this semester!

  6. Little Lewie will be required to learn an instrument next year; I'm interested in seeing what he chooses. For now, my husband has the musical talent in the family, and we love watching him play the guitar, bass, and drums. I agree that music brings all of us so much joy!


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