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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Mom Life Chronicles

The Mom Life Chronicles

The past few weeks of Summer have been a blur. After taking care of a sick Liam for two weeks, I ended up catching his germs. Although I didn't get nearly as sick as he did, the sore throat is brutal, and I'm now on day four of feeling miserable. That makes mom life a bit tough! Here's hoping the germs leave our house soon, and nobody else gets sick!!!

Here's a glimpse at mom life over the past week...

Monday, July 30th

After a weekend spent at Urgent Care, and in the ER, we were all feeling rough when Monday arrived! Grant worked from home for half a day, because we had a meeting with the school district on Monday afternoon. It went fairly well, but I'm not quite sure anything will be set in stone for Liam on the first day of school, which is scary! The rest of the day was tough, because Liam still wasn't feeling well, and seemed to be suffering from the effects of the steroids he was taking. I swear, roid rage is really a thing!

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Tuesday, July 31st

Liam was still sick and angry, but Dylan, Lexie, and Lily had a dentist appointment, so off we went. They all had a great checkup, so after running errands, we celebrated with some donuts.

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Wednesday, August 1st

We spent the day at home, because I wasn't feeling well. I had a lot to get done to prepare for Lily's upcoming birthday and our family reunion, so staying home wasn't so bad! Liam finally started to perk up a bit by the end of the day, so I took him outside to play for a few minutes. It's obvious that he had cabin fever from being confined indoors for so long!

Thursday, August 2nd

We spent the afternoon visiting my parents. After dinner, my dad, Lily, and I did some shopping. We had to get some food for our family reunion, pick up a few last minute items for Lily's birthday, and my dad took Lily shopping for a few birthday gifts. It's his tradition with my kids, and they really look forward to it! Lily ended up choosing a baby doll, a JoJo doll, a Barbie, and "flair" for her backpack!

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Friday, August 3rd

Happy 7th Birthday to Lily!!! We spent the entire day celebrating and making memories!

7th Birthday

Saturday, August 4th

It was my family reunion, so we spent the entire day with my extended family! Although I wasn't feeling great, it was so nice to see everybody. I really do have an awesome family! By the time I got home, however, my throat hurt really bad, and I started to lose my voice. I headed to bed much earlier than I usually do!

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Sunday, August 5th

I was really sick all day, so we all stayed home in our pajamas. I'd like to say I felt better after a day at home, but I'm still feeling awful. There has to be an end in sight soon!

It's hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks of Summer Break left. This Summer went by so quickly. We have a lot to pack into the next three weeks, including Liam's last week of preschool, Liam's birthday, and our beach vacation! Hopefully, we'll all be healthy, and have a lot of fun!

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  1. I'm glad the reunion went well, but sorry to hear you've been sick! That really does put a damper on things. I hope you feel better soon!


  2. I recently had to take steroids for some allergy issues I was having and they made me feel crazy! Roid rage is definitely a thing! Poor little guy!

  3. Oh no! I hope you and Liam are feeling all better now. It's so tough to be sick during the summer. Thankfully, it still sounds like you had some fun times this week with family. Happy birthday to Lily!!


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