Our Five Ring Circus: Capture The Moments in April

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Capture The Moments in April

Rainy Days

April came and went in a flurry of activity! It was easily the fastest month of the year. I sure hope time slows down just a bit for the rest of the year! Even though time went by so quickly that I could barely process what was even happening, I did manage to capture the special moments!

I take thousands of pictures each month. Even after I narrow them down by deleting the pictures I don't like, I still end up with over a thousand pictures in my monthly folder! Most of the pictures never make it to my blog or social media, but I do love to share my favorite moments from each month.

Organizing all those pictures for a monthly blog post can be overwhelming, so this will be the last time I plan on sharing a full month of favorite photos. Instead, I will be breaking it down into weekly document life posts from here on out!

Here's a glimpse at my favorite April moments...

Easter with my sweet little crew!


Late night couch snuggles.

Mom Life

Celebrating my birthday with my beautiful family!


After dinner hikes through the woods behind our house. (Liam loves his pal, Oh Deer!)

Capture the Moments in April

Down syndrome blogs

Life with Down syndrome

English Mastiff

Puppy snuggles.

English Mastiff

Making the most out of rainy days...

Rainy Days

...and celebrating when the sun comes out!

The Lucky Few



Down syndrome


Down syndrome awareness

The sweetest little puppy face I ever did see...

English Mastiff

Moments spent dreaming of Summer...

Down syndrome blog

Lazy mornings.

English Mastiff

Celebrating birthdays with friends...

Capture the Moments

11th Birthday

...and the love between siblings!


Still reveling in the new puppy bliss.

English Mastiff

Moments spent exploring the great outdoors...


...and moments spent cuddling in front of the fire.


The Lucky Few

Enjoying the occasional hints of Summer!

Freezer Pop Holders

popsicle sleeves


Changing the Face of Beauty


Cheering on Lexie every Sunday!

youth soccer

Relaxing moments before preschool.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome

Dance classes with besties...



...and swimming birthday parties with friends!


Conley's Resort

April showers...

Rainy Days

rainy days


the lucky few


sibling love


rain rain go away


capture the moments

Enjoying old favorites for the last time...

the lucky few

...and embracing new!


Running errand after errand with those we love most.


Realizing laughter really is the best medicine!

Down syndrome

And celebrating the fact that an extra cold and rainy April had come to an end!

Trendy Bubs

It was a good month spent with the people I love the most!

Capture the Moments #momblogger #photography #motherhood #momlife #kids #Downsyndrome


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  1. You had such a busy month! I love the rain coat pictures and the pictures of Liam in the woods!

    1. It was a busy month! Thank you so much...the rain coat pictures are my favorite!

  2. I just love these posts that you do! I used to do something similar and post random pictures that never made it to the blog each month and this makes me want to do it again!

    1. Thank you! There's just so much that never makes it to the blog. I want to try to be better about sharing the ordinary posts, too!

  3. Aw, lots of great photos last month. I really need to take more photos. I used to be better at it!! I love your kid's outfits, I have to say. :)


  4. Your family photos are all so beautiful - you are great at taking photos and they are always so much fun. They are all great but the top one is amazing - the colours are so great - it looks straight out of a magazine! A brilliant collection of photos for all of your family to treasure for years to come! Joanne x

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! I love how those ones turned out!

  5. You summed up April perfectly--rain showers, some cold days, and then some "hints of summer." I'll admit I like the "summer" pictures the best. Of course, who can resist those puppy pictures? Happiness abounds in your family!


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