Our Five Ring Circus: Weekly Life with Four Kids

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Weekly Life with Four Kids

Weekly Life with Four Kids

Oh, hey, it's me! I'm just taking a very quick breather from the BUSIEST WEEK EVER. I can barely form a complete thought right now, let alone tackle the unfinished blog posts in my drafts folder, so I figured I would give you a glimpse of life with four kids!

This current week is full 3+ hour chorus concerts, soccer games, school, dance classes, a wedding rehearsal for my crew, and a family wedding. That could be why I'm feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted right now! I'm sure the next weekly recap will be a long one, but let's take a look at last week...

Monday, May 7th

Monday is usually my "lazy" day with Liam. He doesn't have school, and I try not to schedule any appointments, so we tackle our To Do list and do the grocery shopping for the week. Although it's easier to go without him, I love running errands with my buddy! Other than waking Dylan up at 6 AM, and the girls up at 7:20 AM, the morning is fairly relaxed. Liam sleeps in, so I usually get a lot of work done, and get to drink my hot tea without warming it up 10 times!

Down syndrome blogs

When the kids get home from school, there's homework to do, lunch boxes to pack, clothes to pick out, and evening chores to do. I also try to fit in as much sponsored work as I can, which includes taking pictures with products.

Goliath Games

Tuesday, May 8th

On Tuesday, Lexie had her 5th Grade Field Trip to the Carnegie Science Center. I, unfortunately, did not get to go, but she had a great time! After dropping Liam off at school, Ella and I hit the running path at the local park.

English Mastiff

When we got home, I got as much work done as possible until it was time to pick Liam up from school. He got some new clothes for his brand rep work, so we had a quick photoshoot before running home to get the girls off the bus.

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That evening, Lexie had soccer practice, so I worked in the car for the hour and a half that she practiced. It's my rare quiet time during the week!

Wednesday, May 9th

Wednesday was Lily's First Grade Parent Picnic! I spent the morning driving around...first, to get McDonald's for Lily's lunch (a rare treat), then I dropped off Liam at Grant's mom's house, and finally I made it to Lily's school for her 11:30 AM lunch!

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It was a hot, sunny afternoon, so we were able to eat outside on a picnic blanket. Our dear friends were scheduled to be there at the same time, so we sat with them until they had to leave. Lily was so excited to eat a special lunch with her BFF and her mom!


After lunch, Lily headed back to class, and I rushed back to Grant's mom's house to pick up Liam and take him to preschool. That afternoon, after picking him up from school, Dylan and I spent some time with him and let him burn off some energy before heading home.

Life with Down syndrome

Life with Down syndrome

Thursday, May 10th

Thursday is always one of the busiest days of the week. Usually, Liam has preschool, but he had a vacation day. We headed to the park and ran 2 1/2 miles and played at the playground for a half hour, and made it back to our car just as a heavy storm rolled in!


That evening, I took Lily to her 3 dance classes while my dad dropped Lexie off at soccer practice. There was a little bit of time between acro class ending and soccer practice ending, so we stopped at the park to play. This sweet girl is seriously magical!

Children's Photography

Children's Photography

Kids photography

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On the way home from soccer practice, we picked up Lexie's best friend Lexi (we call them Lexi(e) squared) for a sleepover. They didn't have school on Friday, and they were so excited to hang out!

Friday, May 11th

Most of Friday morning and afternoon was relaxing, because the kids had the day off from school. The girls played with Lexi, the boys played together, and I conquered my To Do list. Later in the afternoon, Lexi's mom picked her up, and my crew headed up to my parent's house for Friday Night Dinner.



Down syndrome awareness

Down syndrome


Dylan stayed at my parent's house for a sleepover, but the rest of us didn't get home until REALLY late. Our friends came over, so we ended up watching a scary movie after the kids went to bed. I just might have screamed a dozen or so times!

Saturday, May 12th

Saturday was my brother's wedding in Erie, PA! You can read all about it and see the pictures in THIS POST!

Wedding Photography

Lake Erie

Sunday, May 13th

Mother's Day...started off great, everything went wrong, then it improved again. Thankfully, it ended on a very happy note! You can also read all about this day in the link I shared above!

Mother's Day

That's the condensed version of life with four kids! Always busy, always chaotic, always noisy, sometimes stressful, mostly joyful. It's messy, but perfectly imperfect!

A glimpse at a week in the life with four kids! #momblogger #motherhood #momlife #Downsyndrome

I would love to hear how you handle a busy life with your kids! Share in the comments! XOXO Have a happy weekend!


  1. Whew, so much to do, and definitely lots of running around! I commend you. :) Love the photos!


  2. I love that you documented the entire week! I need to try that sometime! And gracious, does this post make me tired. You are certainly a busy lady! And I love those pictures of Lily wearing her unicorn headband. Everything she does reminds me of Olivia!

    1. Attempting the entire month was overwhelming. I used to do this weekly a few years ago, and it was much more mangageable!

  3. Lazy days are the best but love the fact they still have to include something, like shopping! You must have one heck of a planner to keep on top of all of this. I really admire the fact you still find the energy to jog, and do picnics - you are a super mum! :)

    1. My planner is a necessity...otherwise I would forget everything!!!

  4. Oh I know all about those sponsored posts lol. I spy some of our favorite games there too. Those pictures of Liam with your older son, melt my heart. There are never enough hours in a day, right?! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. NEVER enough hours! And, yes, gotta fit those posts in whenever I can!

  5. Phew you are one busy Mama!! But you do it so gracefully!


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