Our Five Ring Circus: Down syndrome Blogs that are Inspirational, Real and Downright Beautiful

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Down syndrome Blogs that are Inspirational, Real and Downright Beautiful

Down syndrome Blogs that are Inspirational, Real and Downright Beautiful! #downsyndrome

Four years ago, I found myself in a dark hospital room, lonely and grief-stricken. As my youngest son was whisked away for even more testing and my husband dealt with phone calls, I turned to the internet for help. A simple search for Down syndrome yielded both scary information and a list of Down syndrome blogs to read. 

I quickly immersed myself into reading blog post after blog post. Some were inspiring and brought me much needed relief, so I felt compelled to reach out to those bloggers and thank them for showing me light in a time of darkness, and ask them if they had any tips or information on where I should turn. Imagine my disappointment when I was met with crickets. 

Upon returning home with our baby who might have Down syndrome, I continued to research, and read these popular blog posts. I reached out yet again, and never received a reply from any of the bloggers. It was very disheartening! I later found out that it was the norm when it came to these Down syndrome bloggers, which made me think they weren't the best source of information about Down syndrome. How can you possibly relate to somebody who can't find time to support the Down syndrome community, when that is their main focus?

Thankfully, I found my support system. I found it through a local Down syndrome Facebook group, the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, and from several Down syndrome bloggers who weren't quite as popular, but were 100% real. I adjusted to our new journey quickly, thanks to the help of some very special moms, and life with Down syndrome became our new normal. And surprisingly, it was quite ordinary!

Down syndrome Blogs

I began to share my story on my already established blog, and I vowed to reply to every single person who emailed me with their story or with questions. Although this isn't strictly a Down syndrome blog, but more of a parenting/lifestyle blog, my main goal was to show people that life with Down syndrome can actually be quite ordinary. (Read a few of my favorite posts!) I share the ups and downs of raising ALL of my kids, including Liam, who is rocking an extra chromosome.

Down syndrome Blogs

And I kept my vow. To this day, I reply to every email I receive from moms who are now walking the same path I once walked. There are quite a few times when I just want to give up on blogging forever, but those emails keep me going! Giving hope to parents on this Down syndrome journey is exactly why I started sharing Liam's story in the first place!

Many of you are reading this because you were already reading my blog prior to Liam's birth, or you found me shortly after. And for all of the new readers, welcome! Whether you are a regular or a new reader, we're so glad you are here!

Down syndrome Blogs

After months of connecting with some Down syndrome bloggers, I decided to put together a guide to a few of the best Down syndrome blogs. These moms are real. They are honest. They are inspirational. And I'm certain they would help their readers any way they possibly could, which quickly landed them on the list of Down syndrome Blogs You Should Be Reading! 

Liam's story is just one of many. Every journey is different, and every family has a unique story. It's my pleasure to introduce you to 13 Down syndrome blogs that I think you should read! Scroll through the list, find out why these awesome moms think you should be reading their blogs, check out those beautiful faces, and do some blog hopping! 

Down syndrome Blogs that are Inspirational, Real, and Downright Beautiful

Baby By Oakley follows our daily life as a new family of five. Our two girls keep us busier than ever and we recently welcomed our third child. Baker was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect. We’re slowly finding our new normal when it comes to raising a child with special needs but we wouldn’t have it any other way! - Mackenzie

Baby By Oakley

started writing when we got a prenatal diagnosis for Down syndrome. Now I continue to write about the ups & downs of being a special needs mom. I aim to normalize Down syndrome. 
I share our stories of hope & optimism because I believe that life is what you make it. The news of Down syndrome could have just been lemons... - Amber

Baby Lemonade Blog

I talk about our crazy homesteading and homeschooling life, real food, growing and eating it, raising kids, including our 2 who have Down Syndrome, and the faith it takes to do it all! -Joy

Bean Post Farmstead

Dawn created CedarsStory.com to be a place where women/families can find information, hope, encouragement and a sense of belonging to the most amazing club of parents that ever there was. Don't let the name fool you, Cedar is my son who inspired the blog launch but you will find over 100 stories from families around the world covering topics such as open heart surgery, DS adoption, Early Intervention for DS, Speech therapy, Physical therapy and so much more. My son, Cedar, makes the occasional appearance as well!

Cedar's Story

Ann resides in the Mitten State with her husband of 15 years. They have three daughters who are all very special. Their second daughter is deaf and their youngest carries an extra chromosome. She writes a blog called Counter Culture, which focuses on her counter cultural life where she spends her most of her time, at the counter.

Counter Culture

Winging motherhood like my eyeliner. Being a new wife and a new mom to a Warrior Princess with an extra chromosome with all its worry, joy, sorrow and laughter. -Charys

Dear Charys

Fighting to give my son a voice in a world that sees him as less. -Hayley

I Am River

Inclusion Evolution advocates for inclusion in school and work for individuals with Down syndrome. My goal is to empower parents, teachers, employers and self-advocates to create better opportunities for our loved ones through advocacy. -Courtney

Inclusion Evolution

Cara writes about Down syndrome, working moms and spirituality!


I blog about our mini adventures with a 5 year old, 2 year old and a 9 month old who has Down's Syndrome. -Karen

The Mini Malpi

This is an honest blog about my life in general. It's all about the sh*ts and giggles.... literally. I'm a mum of 3 and my youngest happens to rock an extra chromosome. Come join in our mad world of ups and downs, not to mention all the craziness in between. - Claire

More Than Just Mum

started my Youtube channel to show the World that Downs syndrome isn't scary, it's not knowing anything about it is!! Come and join us on our new little journey, I've heard the tour guide is pretty cute. -Leigh


I created my blog is to process through the journey. The prenatal diagnosis, the heart surgeries, life in general. It's been a really good outlet for me to process all the emotions and events especially those of this last year. And through that, I hope to encourage other moms with kiddos with special needs that they are not alone and all the feelings are ok! -Trista

Trista Park

I hope you enjoyed meeting these 13 beautiful mamas! Their blogs are among my favorite Down syndrome blogs to read! Please be sure to stop by their blogs, even if you don't have a child with Down syndrome. They are worth getting to know, and I'm sure you will learn that we all really are #morealikethandifferent!

A list of Down syndrome Blogs that are inspirational, real and downright beautiful! #downsyndrome #downsyndromeblogs


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  1. Stefanie, this post is all sorts of fabulous and inspiring! You have brought me to tears with your mission and your dedication to helping others who walk a similar path as yours. While our blog missions are completely different (mine being mental health awareness and wellness), I am connecting to your passion so completely! Keep doing this amazing work! You will help so many people. I am so inspired by you!


    1. Thank you so much, Shelbee! That is so sweet of you to say! XOXO

  2. Thank you for sharing these blogs. I love reading about your journey and can't wait to check out these amazing bloggers.

  3. SO many amazing ladies! I can't wait to check out some of them. I haven't ready any new blogs in a while!

    1. I love finding new blogs to follow, too! I hope you find a few new favorites!

  4. Thank you for putting this list together, I’m honored to be included even if I’m early in the journey!

  5. It's great that there are so many lovely blogs to read on this topic!

  6. That's so wonderful of you that you reply to all the people with questions or who reach out. That's one of the things that I love about blogging - the community, so it's disheartening when you hear about bloggers that just ignore their readers.

    This whole list of bloggers sound fantastic!


  7. Stefanie, this is a wonderful post! My husband is going to use it as a resource for the moms he counsels who have kids with Down's Syndrome. I love that you are so encouraging and engaged with your readers. 💜 Keep it up! I'm excited to check out the blogs on your list too. 😊

  8. What a wonderful list! I love blogging too because of the friendships and community. Even more, I learn so much from other moms. This is so inspirational; thank you for sharing!

  9. It's no surprise that I love this post!!! I also didn't hear back from several people I tried to reach when we got our diagnosis and I too reply to ALL my emails and help EVERY new family that reaches out to me. Thank you for putting together this AWESOME resource, you have inspired me to do one too!


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