Our Five Ring Circus: The Dreaded Childhood Stage: Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Dreaded Childhood Stage: Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager

Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager #ParentingWin {Boys Town Partner}

I have a confession: Motherhood has always been easy for me. That is, until now. We are just weeks away from the teenage years, and I am struggling! There have been more tears and stressful moments over the past few weeks than there have been in the past 13 years. As a mom, I'm feeling lost and overwhelmed

Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager

Just as it is with any stage in childhood, I have to learn to adjust to the new normal. It's just that unlike the other stages, this phase is taking a long time to get used to. My previous parenting methods are no longer working, and I feel like I'm constantly battling a young adult who thinks that he's the only one who is right.

Raising teens is HARD. I can easily count off a hundred other things I would rather be doing, but unfortunately, I can't avoid this responsibility. Suddenly, my adorable, tiny human who once thought the world of me now thinks I'm the enemy. And if I'm going to be 100% honest, there are some days when I just don't like him.

If your jaw dropped at that statement, stick with me for a moment. Perhaps you can't imagine EVER feeling that way about your child. I once felt the same way, even though dozens of seasoned moms informed me otherwise. But you can't truly understand something until you experience it. And although I love Dylan with all of my might, and would do anything to give him a happy, healthy life, there are times when I just don't like the person he becomes when the hormones take over.

I miss the days of playground drama. The arrival of the teenage years brings a bunch of new issues along with it. These days, mood swings aren't the only thing to worry about. There are much scarier problems that cause me to lose sleep at night because I spend too much time worrying about the what ifs: drugs, smoking, drinking, bullying, relationships (if you catch my drift), depression and suicide. Nothing is easy anymore! I just keep asking my husband two questions: How are we going to keep him safe and on the right path in life and HOW are we going to survive the teenage years?

Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager

Suddenly, Grant and I are dealing with a kid who just wants to spend time with his new girlfriend, focuses mainly on his social life, and is not turning in homework. The mood swings cause him to be his super sweet self one moment, then turn into a little monster the next.  He loses his temper over the littlest things, yells at us, and always has to be the one to have the last word. He wants his independence, but isn't quite ready to have it all the time. He doesn't understand why he can't do adult things all the time, and sometimes he just isn't a nice person.

As you can imagine (or can understand if you have a teenager), it truly is infuriating. I just want my loving, sweet boy back 24/7. That isn't going to happen anytime soon, so I have to find other ways to deal. Repeatedly taking away electronics, and bribing him with his first cell phone sitting within sight isn't working anymore. That's why I turned to Boys Town.

Boys Town offers a Parenting Email Series, giving advice on parenting challenges you might be experiencing.  This free email series consists of 4-6 weekly emails that help you face these challenges, and often offer a teaching activity. Now that's an easy #ParentingWin!  

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So why choose Boys Town? Boys Town is backed by 100 years of research and experience. The content is developed by psychologists, psychiatrists and parenting experts, so you know you will be getting good parenting advice!

As for us, I obviously opted to sign up for the Parenting Email Series on teen discipline. I needed all the help I could get! (As I write this post, my son is stomping through the house because I told him not to eat a bowl of cereal just before dinner. Oh, the nerve!)

Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager

The first issue discusses dealing with frustration, which is one of Dylan's biggest problems. He just needed to find a way to deal with his emotions when he gets frustrated. We taught him to identify these feelings as they arise, determine where those feelings are coming from, breathe deeply to relax, discuss frustrations with a neutral party, and find other activities that make him feel good. While this is still a work in progress since we just started, the reminder to breathe really seems to help! 

I'm hopeful that by the end of this email series, I will have a better grasp on our new reality of parenting a teen. And hopefully, we will all survive the teenage years, and come out on the other side unscathed. Of course, only to repeat it in 2 years...and 7 years...and 9 years. WHAT were we thinking?!?

Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager

If you, too, are experience a parenting challenge, find out more information about the helpful Boys Town Parenting Email Series

Finding Successful Ways to Discipline a Teenager #ParentingWin {Boys Town Partner} #teens #teenagers #parenting #discipline


  1. Oh girl, I am DREADING that stage. I can't even imagine what it's like to have to worry about all of those big things instead of just tantrums and teaching them to poop on the potty. I was a pretty good kid overall, so I'm praying that ours will be, too.

    1. I was, too! It's the hormones and mood swings that are killing us right now!

  2. What a timely post! Last week, my only just celebrated his 12th bday, and I'm SO dreading the next few years - I'm so anxious about "losing" my little boy and worried about how I will handle what's coming... I have gotten some good email advice and articles from Empowering Parents, but will check out Boys Town as well TODAY!

    1. This age is so tough! I feel like he's slipping through my fingers and I have to be the "mean" parent all the time! I hope you get some good advice!

  3. Oh mama! I am so dreading the teenage years. Especially since I feel like we often get a glimpse of them at just 7 years young! I'm praying it gets easier for all of you!

    1. Oh my goodness! I think it started around age 11 for Dylan. It wasn't bad at first, but now, there are days that are unbearable!


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