Our Five Ring Circus: Random Thoughts of an Exhausted Mama

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Random Thoughts of an Exhausted Mama

I have a confession to make. I am absolutely struggling to stay afloat this week.  My To Do list grows longer each day, I am overwhelmed by all the schedules I have to maintain, my email inbox is out of control, everybody wants something from me right now and more than half of my family is sick, including me.  As hard as it is to admit, I simply can't do it all right now!


I had big plans to finish writing a deep post tonight but I can barely form a full thought right now. I was going to skip writing entirely tonight, but I can't sleep due to this stupid cough. How about a few random thoughts from today?


It's 7:35 AM! The kids have to be on the bus in 15 minutes. What happened to my alarm?!?

I don't want to be awake right now.

I only slept an hour last night. I'm never going to make it though the day.

Is it possible to cough to death? Because I really feel like it could be.

My hot tea is way too strong.  Even though it makes me cringe, I will just deal with it because I'm too lazy to make another cup.

Why do kids scream bloody murder over the most mundane things? The rabbit hopped under the bed! OMG!!!! 

I definitely have bronchitis. If I keep coughing my head is going to explode.

I'm never going to get used to having brown hair. What was I thinking?!?

I really need to do the dishes. And mop my floors.

Why oh why oh why do I offer to be a contact parent every year? Getting everything organized this year is, without a doubt, the hardest it has ever been. Why are people so uncooperative? This SUCKS.

We're late!!! Again. Forget it...I'm taking you to school without your shoes on.

(While sitting in the preschool hallway putting on said shoes.) Liam's teacher probably thinks I'm a mess.

I only have to drive down this 3 mile stretch of road 4 times today instead of 6. Winning!

Did I even eat anything yet today? Nope.

81 degrees on October 19th is AMAZING. I need to move to a place where it's like this year round.

Mostly junk in the mail. Again. Why do I even bother walking over to the mailbox? But, wait...our beloved "Mr. Rogers" pediatrician is retiring. Why am I crying over a retirement letter?!?

Is the package I've been anticipating here yet? Nope.

I should finish decorating for Halloween. You know, BEFORE the actual holiday.

Seeing Liam run toward me with a huge smile on his face when I pick him up from school will NEVER get old!

Lily probably could have gone to school today. Why do they have that fever free for 24 hours rule?

How on earth am I going to be 4 places at once this Friday and next Friday? Can somebody duplicate me?

I just bought a $10 book for myself and I feel GUILTY. Why don't I feel guilty about spending $150 on Halloween costumes for my kids?

Why are Halloween costumes so expensive?

Oh, good. I forgot my wallet. I have to drive back to the house to get it then drive back to the store to pick up the bag the cashier oh so kindly held for me against rules. I have NEVER done this before. Why today?!?

What day is it? Do I have to be somewhere tonight?

Oh, good, the family wants a home cooked meal again.

I'm not even hungry.

I HATE packing lunches. Hate it.

I forgot to order Liam's orchestra book. He needs it on Monday.

I just called Dylan Liam. I obviously need to go to bed.

Oh, yay!!! One kid is completely better and another one spikes a 105.4 degree fever.

Which daughter is staying home from school tomorrow and which daughter can go back? I honestly forget.

Never mind. Why is the sick kid crying because she can't go to school tomorrow? That's just weird.

This debate is a waste of time. This entire election is a sick JOKE.

Why am I watching this bloody show? I don't even like it!

11:30 PM. Everybody is in bed. Siiiiiiiigh.

Too bad I have to do the dishes.

I'm going to lose my mind if this cough doesn't go away soon.

I have approximately 525,600 things to do before bedtime.

3:00 AM. I stayed up too late again.

I forgot to mop my floors.

And that's a wrap! I'm going to head to bed, sleep for a very short 4 hours interrupted by coughing, and repeat!

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  1. The rabbit hopped under the bed! OMG!!!!

    Okay so I lol'd so hard over this one I thought I woke my kids up. Seriously friend the real moments and the hard days that we ALL have can be my favorites to read about. I hope you got some much needed rest and I hope that you wake up feeling better too.

  2. Sounds like a difficult day! I hope you don't really have bronchitis!

  3. Oh! I hope you catch a break soon!

  4. I dont know how you do everything you do and still look amazing, I have horrible bags under my eyes and thats with 8 hours of sleep lol. Praying everyone recovers speedily and that you get some rest in too :)

  5. Oh man, I can totally feel your pain!

  6. I love how real this is! Some weeks are better than others, that is for sure!

  7. Ugh I hope it's not bronchitis!! This was my life last week.

  8. hang in there mama!!! tomorrow will be better!

  9. Hang in there! You're a wonderful mom and no one cares about your floors lol

  10. I dont have kids, but i enjoyed reading through these. :) Also, based on that adorable first picture, i think you're doing great!Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  11. Oh my gosh, Stefanie you and I are the same person. My mind never stops and I'm overtaxed most days but I just tell myself that without me doing it all, being everything everyone needs then stuff just wouldn't get and well, then I'd be a total mess and we can't have that because I'm the one that runs this show ... it's a sick cycle I find myself in.


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