Our Five Ring Circus: Favorite Halloween Books for Kids + DIY Holiday Book Storage Crate

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Favorite Halloween Books for Kids + DIY Holiday Book Storage Crate

Favorite Halloween Books For Kids

I've always loved celebrating holidays but they are so much more special with kids around! Now I have a great excuse to go just a little bit overboard. Halloween is no exception!

I come from a family of readers so it's no big surprise that I'm passing along my love for books to my children. We visit the library weekly, we attend Story Time and I never say no to a book fair or a book order. We have bookshelves in almost every room in our house, including bedrooms. We also have a collection of books for each holiday that get stored away until it's time to celebrate!


With Halloween being less than 3weeks away, I figured it was time to get our Halloween decorations and books out of storage over the weekend. The kids had so much fun sorting through all of the Halloween books that we collected over the past 11 years.  We try to add one or two new Halloween books to our collection each year and they're really starting to add up!

We have a special antique apple crate from a nearby former-orchard-turned-housing-development that we use to hold our holiday/seasonal books. As I started to put the books into the crate this week I realized that a few of the rusty nails were starting to break through the wood. It was time to retire that crate to strictly decor and search for a new holiday book storage option!

My initial thought was to keep things Pinterest-ing by hanging IKEA spice racks or rain gutters on my wall, but I decided I wanted something more mobile. I headed to my go-to spot for home decor (TJ Maxx) to check out their basket collection. Of course, I immediately spotted the most perfect crate and it ended up coming home with me!

With a little help from a chalkboard pen and a pom pom garland from the Target Dollar Spot, it was all ready to go! The entire project cost less than $15! ($12.99 to be exact.)

Halloween Books for Kids

Crate - TJ Maxx ($9.99) 
Pom Pom Garland - Target Dollar Spot ($3)

While I was feeling creative I decided to set up a fun reading area for my kids. I turned their favorite spot in our house into a cozy little Fall reading nook!

Fall Decor

 I just placed a rug we already had in front of the fireplace, added a few pillows and moved our antique rocking chair into the room. It was such a quick and easy arrangement! I even added our old book storage crate to the decor!

Throw Rug - Costco
Pillows - Target Dollar Spot
Light Up Pumpkin and Glitter Pumpkin - TJ Maxx
Chalboard Haunted House - Target Dollar Spot
Beware Sign - Target Dollar Spot
Polka Dot Pumpkins - Target (set of 8)

My kids were SO excited when they spotted their new cozy reading nook and book storage crate. They didn't move from that rug all night!

Favorite Halloween Books for Kids
Book Storage Ideas
DIY Book Storage Ideas
Book Storage Crate
Halloween Books For Kids
DIY Holiday Book Storage Crate
Halloween Books for Kids


I rounded up a few of our favorite Halloween books to share with you. These are the ones that are always read the most in our home!

The Originals

These are the books we have owned since Dylan was a baby. They have been a beloved part of our Halloween book collection for over a decade. After going through 4 kids, they are very well loved!

Halloween Books

Monster Tales Pumpkin Patch Party
Tiny Ghost

Nickelodeon Favorites

There was a time when Lexie loved Dora and Diego. Lily is a fan of these books now!

Halloween Books

For Kids 4-8

These books are perfect for kids in the lower grades. I have very fond memories of reading Froggy's Halloween and The Haunted Ghoul Bus to Dylan when he was in preschool!

Halloween Books

For The Girls

These three "girly" books quickly became Lexie's favorites and now Lily loves them!

Halloween Books 

Board Books

These books are perfect for babies and toddlers. The Touch and Feel books, Lift the Flap books, books with sound and slide and find books are always a great choice!

Halloween Books

Halloween Books

For The Older Kids 
(not pictured)

Goosebumps books are great for kids 8 and up. For the tween crowd, check out R.L. Stine's Fear Street series.

My kids love our new holiday book storage crate! It's now part of our Halloween decor and the crate provides easy access to our favorite Halloween books. There's nothing better than curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book! (Except there's no longer a spot for me!)

Book Storage Ideas
Halloween Books

What are your favorite Halloween books for kids? Do you have a special way of displaying them?

Halloween Books for Kids + DIY Book Storage Crate

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  1. I love it! That is such a fun area for the kids. I wouldn't leave the rug either. I have a crate in our living room by our fire place and change out the books each holiday or season too. My kids love it and so do I.

  2. Your decorations are so stinking cute. I love that perfect little festive reading area. My girls always LOVED those Little People flap books.

  3. Oh my gosh what a great collection of books and also I love the reading nook you created for your kids! You are awesome!!

  4. Oh my goodness! I just love this area!

  5. We´re big readers, love these tips! And the crate is awesome, i want to make one!

  6. I love everything about this! I wanna copy your crate, that's genius to switch out all the holiday books (and even include movies). We love room on the broom and if you're spooky and you know it.

  7. This is super cute! Love your little reading nook and love all the book ideas. Great post!

  8. I love everything about this! What a great and easy idea for the holidays! Might steal it for Christmas!

  9. That crate find is a STEAL! I haven't seen any for under $12 around here!
    We have been big fans of Mouse's First Halloween, Room on a Broom, and Happy Halloween Biscuit. They are totally more for the littles, but entertaining nonetheless!
    And R.L. Stein! Oh my, talk about a flash back. I was obsessed with those books as a kid!

  10. Such a great collection of Halloween books! I'm going to Target tomorrow to look for that garland. Obsessed!

  11. Oh my goodness! Stop it with all the cuteness! All the decor is awesome!! I bought a crate like you have and I also found a cute basket from Aldi for the same purposes. Your setup and decor is waaaaay cuter than mine! I'm also realizing that we need more fall/Halloween books!

  12. I've been on the lookout for a crate like this and I've had no luck but you've got me wanting it even more so so I'm off to search for one this afternoon.

  13. I love everything about this! I am currently shopping your links, I am a Halloween baby and need those pillows! haha I love that they love reading! My girls love their books too! Great job! Happy Halloween to your family!

  14. I love this and I need to dig out some Halloween books now. ;)

  15. I love the idea of having a reading nook! Mason and I usually read before bed, but I am thinking we still need a nook. Yours came out so cute and looks so cozy. Mason is into all of the Halloween chapter books now.

  16. How cute!! Love this idea and love all your Halloween decor <3 - Lindsey Lyons


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