Our Five Ring Circus: Lunchbox Love Notes 101

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lunchbox Love Notes 101

It all began on Lexie's first day of first grade. She was a nervous wreck about being away from home all day and even more nervous about eating in the cafeteria. As tears of worry rolled down my cheeks the night before her first day, I wrote a little note telling her how much I loved her, and I put it in her lunchbox. That simple love note immediately eased Lexie's fears and she requested a note every day that week.

What started as a simple way to help Lexie transition into being at school for a full day turned into a daily tradition. The best part is that she kept every single note that I lovingly wrote! Every day after school, she adds another note to her collection, which she keeps inside a tiny suitcase. Over 500 love notes from her mama are stuffed inside!

Lunchbox Love Notes

In all honesty, I'm dreading the day Lexie tells me to stop putting notes in her lunchbox. I know it will end at some point. After all, her beloved BunBun and Blankie that she dragged around for so many years now remain in one corner of her bed. They never leave that spot anymore. They're just a fond distant memory of her younger years. I'm bracing myself for the moment when she tells me enough with the notes, but it hasn't happened yet. 

Lexie insists that not only will she need a love note from her mama stuffed inside her work lunches but she will also need me to call her every night and say her bedtime prayer, even when she's 60 and I'm "a really really old lady." Did I mention how much I love this kid?!? (By the way, I'm totally going to print out several copies of this post and hand it to her every time utters the words "I hate you" during her teenage years!)

Lunchbox Notes

Lunchbox Love Notes aren't for every kid.  I briefly attempted a funny version for Dylan and he was like, "Yeah, mom, thanks, but you don't have to do that anymore." Lily, on the other hand, insists that she wants to fill her own special treasure box with lunchbox love notes from me someday. Perhaps it's a girl thing? Then again, my husband does enjoy the Gilmore Girls quotes I write on post its and stick to his lunch when I'm feeling inspired!

As for right now, Lunchbox Love Notes ARE a daily part of my life and I love it!

Lunchbox Love Notes 101


My favorite place to stock up on notepads, pens and stickers is Target. The Target Dollar Spot always has the best selection of notepads!

Lunchbox Notes Ideas

Just to keep things fun, I like to buy seasonal/holiday notepads, pens and stickers, too! {Target Dollar Spot for the win, AGAIN!}

Lunchbox Notes Ideas


After stocking up on Lunchbox Love Notes supplies, there needs to be a designated place to store everything. I always set up a Lunchbox Packing Station at the beginning of the school year! Having everything I need in one place when I pack lunches is a HUGE timesaver!

Lunchbox Packing Station


Are you wondering what to write each day? It's easy! I always ask myself what the one thing I want Lexie to remember about that day is and I add those details to the note.

Are we celebrating a birthday? Are we going somewhere special that night? Is there an event at school? Does she have a big test? Countdowns to holidays, birthdays, school breaks and the end of the school year are always fun, too!

I always start by writing the date at the top of the note so she can read through them one day and know exactly when they are from. And, of course, I ALWAYS tell her how much I love her!

Lunchbox Packing Ideas


Lexie packs her lunch almost every day. When she does buy her lunch, she likes to take in her reusable water bottle and a treat, so I slip the note into a bag with those items. When she gets to lunch, she and her friends like to see what I wrote then she slips the note back into her bag until she gets home!

Lunchbox Packing Ideas


Find somewhere special to store all the notes so they can turn into keepsakes.  Lexie uses a little storage suitcase that she got for her birthday one year, but any container would work great! Lexie always tells me that she's keeping her Lunchbox Love Notes forever!

Love Notes

This simple idea can be such a fun form of communication between mother and child!  Raising children in this current world can be difficult and I firmly believe it's important to show kids how much they are loved. Writing a Lunchbox Love Note is such an easy way to show them that you care each and every day. And one day, they just might end up with an entire box full of memories from their mom!


Lexie's first day of first grade seems like it was decades ago and the girl standing before me today looks more like a teenager than a child. She is growing up far too quickly, but the one thing that remains the same is the feeling of love and security that surrounds her every day. I will continuously remind her of the fact that she is loved so very much any possible way I can!

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  1. This is awesome! I love that you do daily notes. It's amazing and something special. You rock Momma.

  2. Lol! Even though we home shoool I STILL love finding ways to sneak notes to the girls. That whole comment about the teen years and the I hate yous.... UGH! Can we just skip all that. I'm going to need a lot of tissues.

  3. Oh how I love this! I do the same thing for Mason. Sometimes it’s a note and sometimes it’s a little joke…because…boys! I am melting over the fact that she wants you to write notes for her work lunches and to call her with bedtime prayers! So incredibly sweet. You are doing something so right with this mama gig!!!! Okay, how genius is your lunchbox packing station? I so need to do this.

  4. This is so sweet! We homeschool, so we don't have lunchbox lunches now...but when my kids were in public school, I would write them notes on their napkins. :)

  5. Look how much she's grown!! Oh my word! That last comparison picture just killed me!

  6. She is beautiful! this is such a great thing to do for her !!

  7. this is so sweet! Such a good mama!

  8. Love this idea! Pinning it to start next year when Sadie starts kindergarten!

  9. You now have me in tears. What a sweet gesture on both your parts.

  10. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love that it's something that she treasures so much. :) And so hilarious that you write Gilmore Girls quotes to your husband, haha!

  11. So stinkin' cute! I'm hoping to do this when my son starts eating lunch at school/an read :) I hope he's into too. So sweet that she keeps every single one!

  12. I think this is my fave post from you so far. This idea has had me thinking all week. I LOVE IT!!!


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