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Friday, January 8, 2016

Life's Little Moments

Although posed photographs are cute, my photography goal for 2016 is to capture more of the "little" moments in life. You know...those moments when they don't always realize you're looking..those moments that often make the best photographs because they're REAL and unexpected.

I tried to capture a good mix of both posed and unexpected during the first week in 2016. Here are a few of our everyday moments from the past week:

I never want to forget... 

...how he peeks through the door of his favorite toy.


...how he can't always make it through dinner because he works and plays so hard throughout the day.


...the bond these two best buddies have...the bond that began when they were newborns.


...how she reads to her baby brother before bed.


...all the moments she spends playing at the kitchen table.


...how, at age 11, he still looks up at me and smiles so big when I walk into his room.


...how excited she gets about the snow and her enthusiasm over going to school.

Back to school after a fun holiday break AND it's cold and snowing. Now that's a harsh dose of reality! So harsh that my 11 year old is sulking behind me. Lexie is the only one who seems happy about the situation!

...how he tirelessly tackles hours of homework without much complaint.  (And sometimes not.)


...how nicely these two play together at times. 


...how excited he was to buy his iPod touch.


...his incredible spirit that just fills the room with joy and beauty.


...the way he examines his hands with so much concentration.  And those eyelashes that touch his cheekbone so gently.


...all the moments they spend exploring and learning at the library.

One of our favorite places to visit. Seriously. We log in so many hours at our local library and the kids never get bored!

...the way she pushes that tiny cart around the town grocery store and gets so excited about buying a 75 cent bag of candy. (Please don't grow up too fast, baby girl!)

I'm not sure how it happens, but candy always ends up in my little helper's cart. ❤

...how she asked me to take a picture with her because we were dressed in similar outfits and how she clung to my hand and beamed as her brother snapped the picture.

041 copy

...the way he looks at her with so much love and admiration.


...the way she loves and protects him.


...the way he smiles even through a suspected sinus infection.


...how he scrunches up his eyes and yells when he gets angry or hurt. (Perfectly timed while I was taking pictures...snapping yourself with suspenders is not the best idea!)


...how he navigates through the snowy patches in the yard so carefully (and gives up and goes back inside when he slips and falls on his bum).

Liam in the snow

...how he curls up in front of the fire to do his homework.


...snacktime in the sunlight.  And those gorgeous blue eyes.


...watching those tiny starfish hands as he plays.


...that floppy hair and how I want to smooch that sweet face ALL THE TIME.


...the way he still twists his hair when he sleepy or concentrating.


...the way he is drawn to the warmth of the fire and how he leaves tiny handprints all over the glass.


...that tiny bum that fits in one hand and THOSE TINY FEET.


...the way he hangs over the back of the couch to look out the window.


...how sweet and mature she is at just 8 years old and how lucky I feel to be her mom.


Everyday life can be so chaotic, stressful, and overwhelming, but when I look through all these snapshots of our week, I feel nothing but peace and gratefulness. I really need to focus on slowing down and enjoying the little moments that make life so special.

What are you thankful for this week? 


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  1. Love how you capture the everyday moments of living life. Great pictures.

  2. Your family is so beautiful! This week I am thankful that teething is only temporary!


  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! These pictures are SO beautiful! You really do have an amazing eye!! More candids is a goal of mine for 2016 as well :-) I am having so much fun taking them!

    1. Thank you, Erin! It is a lot of fun capturing them. It gets you to think outside the box!

  4. So true. I always tend to forget about the little things myself. Sweet pics. ;)

  5. Those are some great photos and great looking kids!!

  6. I love this post Stefanie! How did you get such great candid shots? I try but never have the right timing. You really captured all the beauty of your children and the truly important moments...it's really the little ones that count. How cool that your town grocery store has little carts for kids too--Lewie would LOVE this!

    1. I just try to sneak up on them with my camera! It works most of the time!
      Going to that little store is Lily's favorite Tuesday activity. She gets so bummed if we don't have to stop after storytime!

  7. This post brought tears to my eyes. You are so very blessed, absolutely love the way you're focusing on the little things this year!

  8. These are great pictures! I love pictures of every day life! <3

  9. Oh. My. Goodness....I'm crying over here. This was so, so, so sweet. I'll have to take more pictures of my kids "in the moment." I did just recently film them playing without them knowing and it was the sweetest thing EVER - because it's real, it raw, and it's life. Thanks so much! Great idea. :)

    1. Thank you! These were definitely my favorite round of pictures in quite some time!

  10. I love this too! Looks like everyone else who commented did too. May have to do this on my own blog! :)

  11. These are such gorgeous photos, Stefanie! You have beautiful children. This was a wonderful reminder to enjoy those every day little moments because life is really made up of them.


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