Our Five Ring Circus: Virginia Beach {Day Five}

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Virginia Beach {Day Five}

I had high hopes to finish our Virginia Beach family vacation recap before 2015 ended, but life just got in the way! That seems to happen often!

Our typical vacation day consisted of hot tea on the balcony to start the day, enjoying the breakfast buffet, then heading down to the beach, where we spent the next few hours.  After showers and getting changed, we would go out for dinner, then roam the main street or the boardwalk.  After dark, we took walks on the beach, strolled the boardwalk, went for night swims in the indoor pool, and ended the evening on the balcony.  It was perfection! 

Here's a short and sweet recap of day five...

Lexie perfected her boogie boarding skills.

Lexie Virginia Beach Trip

Liam practiced his walking in the sand skills and Lily logged in hours building sand castles.

Virginia Beach

We saw dolphins just a few feet off shore, right behind where the kids were swimming.  Some people thought it was a shark and the lifeguard was shocked. He said he has never seen a dolphin come that close to the shore.  This dolphin-lover was THRILLED to catch such an amazing view.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to my camera in time to capture them directly in front of me!


Grant took Liam back to our hotel for a nap, and Lexie and Dylan joined him.  Lily and I are great beach buddies.  We could both stay on the beach all day!


Of course, she had to bury me in the sand...

Beach buddies

...but I reciprocated!


We met Olaf on the street and Lily was so excited.  She squealed when she spotted him and was the first to run over and lean up against him for a hug!

Olaf and kids at Virginia Beach

We ended day five playing in the sand. Night walks on the beach quickly became our family favorite!


Why is it that vacation always goes by so quickly?  The first five days flew by, and by the end of day five, we were already feeling sad about going home. 

Remind me again why we don't live near the beach?!?



  1. I would love to be there right now haha.

    So cool about the dolphins!!! We havent been to the beach in awhile I can not wait to go this year!!!

    1. ME TOO. Although, a warmer place would be nice!
      We can't wait to go back to the beach this summer!

  2. Couldn't we all use a good dose of beach right about now?!?

  3. OLAF!! Oh Lord my kids would have died! Good times!


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