Our Five Ring Circus: 2016 Adventures

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Adventures

When you have four kids, every single day is an adventure!


Take Friday for example.  I was on my way to an event with my two little ones. I had no idea where I was going, so I used GPS.  I should have known something was wrong when I was told to turn onto a back country road.  That road led up to the top of a VERY large hill. I began to second guess that trusty GPS system.  And when the road narrowed to one lane with no houses in sight, I knew it was wrong.

"Are we there yet?" Lily yelled from behind me. "This is SO boring."

"Nope." I said as I frantically searched for a place to turn around at the very top of the hill, then made my way back down the mountain.

"You're not very good at finding this place!" She stated.

No.  I wasn't. And she definitely tells it like it is. 

Thankfully, I had almost a half hour to spare and we were only 10 minutes away. Plus, the littlest dude was sleeping through all the excitement. After some backtracking, almost getting run off the one-lane road by a mail truck speeding toward us while Lily screamed "Move over, bad man!" and re-entering the address on GPS, we finally made it to our destination, and had a great afternoon!

See?  Never a dull moment!

Our days as a family of six are filled with excitement and noise and chaos.  And I love it!  (Most of the time!)

2015 was a fun year for our family.  We made so many incredible memories. I have no doubt 2016 will be every bit as memorable!

We have some BIG changes coming our way.  (No baby!  Why does everybody automatically assume that?) Instead, our two babies will be starting school.  My sweet Lily will be in Kindergarten 5 days a week and my BABY will be going to a developmental preschool. You will most likely find me drowning in a puddle of my own tears. (And probably thinking about having just one more.)

Every so often, we find a family on Netflix that is similar to our own.  

Netflix #StreamTeam

I have a soft spot in my heart for Good Luck Charlie!  My kids love the show, and I often find myself watching it with them.  Some of the crazy things that happen to them are things that I can imagine happening to our family! And EVERY so often I get the crazy notion that 5 kids wouldn't be so bad...

And Parenthood!  I love this show!  Even though I hate the fact that my kids are growing up so quickly, the point is to raise them, and one day be blessed with grandchildren! I can't help but hope that our family stays as close as the Bravermans.

A new show that we discovered is Dawn of the Croods. This crazy and endearing cartoon family made MY entire family laugh!

I have always loved Netflix.  Even before I had all the amazing opportunities on the StreamTeam, I was a fan.  Netflix brings our family together! 

These days, it's so hard to connect as a family.  We have a wide age range of kids and each person has their own commitments and activities.  It's easy for families to disconnect during these chaotic years, but my husband and I refuse to let that happen!

Staying close as a family is one of our major goals.  We make it a point to sit down for family dinners 5 nights a week. We have Family Movie Night every Monday evening.  And Netflix makes it easy for us to sit down and watch something together once or twice a week and forget all the chaos that surrounds our daily lives. 

My family is the most important thing in my life.  I embrace the noise and the chaos and the crazy antics, and I look forward to every single adventure I have with them!

What are you watching on Netflix? (I'm sure it's Making a Murderer along with us and every other American!)



Check out these episodes of Dawn of the Croods:

Sandy Bugs In Mouth
Ep. 6: When Grug and Ugga go out on a date and leave the kids home alone, Eep throws the first-ever house party.
Grug Cheering
Ep. 11: Grug won't let Eep join his winning team, so she forms her own group to play in history's first sporting event.
Thunk Face Plant
Ep. 12: Because he is so stinky, Thunk pretends to be something he really isn't.
Grug Crying
Ep. 13: When two things go missing in the middle of the night, Eep hunts for clues to solve the first mystery ever.

Here's What's New on Netflix for Kids, Tweens, Teens and Families:


Sofia the First - Season 2 (1/3)
Dragons: Race to the EDGE - Season 2 (1/8)
Degrassi S1 2x sdp
Degrassi: Next Class (1/15)

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix, but all opinions are my own.  I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I receive service and additional products as compensation.


  1. I restarted watching New Girl from the beginning, I stopped in season 3 I think so why not start fresh from the start. Breanna is still stuck on watching Home

  2. My kids just found Dawn of the Croods on Netflix!

    Ryan and I have watch the first 6 episodes of Making of a Murderer - so crazy!

    1. We still haven't finished Making a Murderer. It makes me angry while I watch!!!

  3. My girls favorite thing to watch on Netflix is Sofia. You can imagine the happy screams when they found a LOAD of new episodes!

  4. Life is certainly an adventure; it does sound like you have big changes your way. The kiddos are growing up! I pretty much spend my week half sobbing and half laughing. Parenthood does that to you... This week the waterworks came from realizing my son is now in a 10/12 size for boys. He's growing up way too fast! Here's to new adventures, my friend!


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