Our Five Ring Circus: A Warm & Safe Night's Sleep with baby deedee: Review and Giveaway

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Warm & Safe Night's Sleep with baby deedee: Review and Giveaway

We are in the midst of winter in Pennsylvania.  It's cold, the temperature is downright frigid after dark, and I worry about my toddler keeping warm throughout the night. 

As most of you know, Liam has Down syndrome.  Thankfully, he is 100% healthy and SO happy! But I worry so much about him.

One of the things I'm adamant about is safe sleeping practices with him.  I don't give him anything extra when he sleeps.  We skip bumpers and pillows.  We use sleep sacks.  People who have Down syndrome have an increased risk for sleep apnea and I don't want anything interfering with his sleep!

Liam has always been a fantastic sleeper.  But last month, he started to wake up and yell in the middle of the night.  When I would check on him, he was freezing.  He does tend to get cold very easily.  I don't think it's a Down syndrome thing.  I think it's a take after his mother thing!

At that point, I  felt it was safe to give him a blanket in addition to his sleep sack.  Unfortunately the problem continued. He would kick off the blanket and not be able to wake up completely to put it back on. I wasn't getting much sleep because I was constantly covering him, and when he was quiet, I worried!

I started to research other sleep sack options, and stumbled upon baby deedee on Twitter! I browsed through their products and just knew that it would work for Liam.  I sent them a tweet mentioning that I was so happy to find them and would be purchasing a sleep sack from them. Baby deedee very generously offered a product in exchange for a review and giveaway, and I jumped at the opportunity!

A Warm & Safe Night's Sleep with baby deedee review and giveaway

The award winning baby deedee offers many products for a safe, cozy, and warm night's sleep!  I ended up choosing the original sleep nest for my review. It sounded perfect for Liam!

Baby Deedee sleep nest

 I was immediately impressed by the sleep nest upon arrival.  The quilted baby duvet sleeping bag was super soft and warm, and I absolutely loved the functional design and fun color!


The sleep nest did NOT disappoint!


The baby deedee sleep nest is the BEST sleep sack I've ever tried! I used a variety of brands with all four of my children, and I truly wish I would have discovered this company sooner!

A few things make the sleep nest unique:
  • Shoulder snaps make it easier to put on.
  • The Indian cotton is super soft.
  • The cut is more narrow (cocoon shape) than other sleep sacks, which makes it cozier!
  • It's quilted, which gives it an extra layer of warmth.

My favorite feature is the shoulder snaps!  Putting on traditional sleep sacks can be tricky.  You have to wrestle your child's arms into the holes then lay them down so you can slip it over their feet and zip it up.  With the baby deedee sleep nest, you can simply unsnap the shoulder snaps, slip it on while your child is sitting in your lap, and close the shoulder snaps!


I was even able to put it on while Liam was standing!  He stepped into it and I closed the shoulder snaps. It was also easy to put on while he was sleeping without waking him up. This is a winning feature in my opinion!


Of course, there is a center zipper, too.  It zips from the bottom up, so I can easily change Liam's diaper without removing the sleep nest.


Another thing I love about the baby deedee sleep nest is the size range. The sleep nest is available for ages 0-36 months. Liam was just between a medium and a large, so I chose a large so he could get more use out of it.  Let me just say, he will be able to fit into it for several more years! It actually fit my 4 1/2 year old!


The sleep nest was easy to wash and dry, and when it was finished, it looked just as new as when I pulled it out of the package.  I simply turned it inside out, washed it in cold water, and dried it on low.

A lot of people choose to get rid of sleep sacks when their child starts walking.  I, however, used them until age 3 with all of my kids.  Trust me...they are able to walk in sleep sacks and it keeps their feet warm overnight.  I don't know about your kids, but my kids lose socks while they sleep and wake up with cold feet! I know how important a good night's sleep is for me, and comfort and warmth makes a world of difference.  I just want my children to sleep safely and comfortably.


The most important thing is that using sleep sacks is safer.  I hate worrying about loose blankets causing SIDS. The sleep nest keeps me from worrying about one more thing, and as a mother who has four kids to worry about, that's a relief!


When Liam wears the sleep nest, he sleeps safely, looks cozy and comfortable, and stays warm without getting overheated, thanks to the breathable material.


Liam has been wearing the sleep nest at naptime and at bedtime every day.  He's a tiny dude, so it's going to be a part of our sleep routine for at least another year!

In addition to their website, baby deedee can be found on twitter and facebook. Baby deedee also offers these awesome products:


One lucky winner will win a sleep nest from baby deedee in the size/color of their choice! Entering is easy on the rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to order from baby deedee now, use THIS LINK, which will give you 20% off your entire order! 

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The baby deedee sleep nest DID solve our problem.  Liam is getting a great night's sleep because he's safe, cozy, and WARM!


Thank you to baby deedee for sponsoring today's post and for keeping Liam warm throughout the winter! 

*DISCLOSURE: I was provided with a product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Aww, the website will not load! I really like the pink/gray option on their Facebook page though!!! Evie needs something like this!!

  2. I had never heard of the Sleep Nest before but it sounds perfect for the baby, I always worry that he's cold. The Dream Blue matches his nursery, a medium would definitely last him a while.

  3. I would choose the gray and pink. Medium or large for my daughter. She grows way too fast, maybe large so she can have room to grow. She is almost 20 months :)
    And by the way.. Too much cuteness in these pictures <3
    Thank you for the review and giveaway!

  4. I would love the gray and pink in a size large. For some reason the website is not working.

  5. I love the blue option that Liam is wearing- so cute!! I have never heard of this company, but sounds fantastic and looks very warm! :)

  6. I like the brown/lime option. Unfortunately their page wouldnt load!!!

  7. I would choose the dream blue in medium

  8. I would choose the dream blue in large. WE have a 4 year old son with spastic quad cp and this would be perfect for him. Love your blog!

  9. I would really like to get the navy red color in size medium.

  10. Grey and lime in Large! My pick from www.babydeedee.com

  11. I would choose the color slate hot pink in a size Large.

  12. I really love the blue one that Liam is wearing! It looks so beautiful, warm, and comfortable! I would love to have the blue in Medium for my little one!
    Thank You for the great review and giveaway!
    P/S: I love these wonderful pictures, too! :)

    Fiona N

  13. I posted before reading the question. Sorry. The grey/lime in a size large would be great. Thank you

  14. This sounds like an awesome product! I'd pick the navy red in large.


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