Our Five Ring Circus: Stalling Bedtime

Monday, November 16, 2015

Stalling Bedtime

Kids.  They are the MASTERS of excuses.

As parents of four children, we've heard it all. After we had two kids, we considered ourselves parenting veterans.  After we had four kids, we simply embraced the chaos.  NOTHING surprises us anymore!

Let's face it.  Kids come up with the best excuses at bedtime. Sometimes, they will say anything to put off that dreaded nighttime ritual.  Sometimes, they just have to use the bathroom (every 5 minutes) or take a sip of water.  Sometimes, they just need to play/watch TV/read a book just #5MoreMinutes!

Meanwhile, us parents are practically begging to go to bed!  We would gladly be in their shoes. PLEASE send us to bed!

Not the kids.  They just don't get it yet.

We got lucky with our third child.  Lily can, and does, sleep anywhere.  If she's tired, she will march herself to bed without us asking.  She occasionally uses the classic "But I'm not tired..." or the "my eyes just won't close" excuse, but promptly falls asleep.


Lexie is easy, too.  She will usually ask to read just one more chapter before the lights go out. Honestly, how could we say no?


Our tween mastered bedtime stalling.  Of course, Dylan has nearly 11 years of experience under his belt. He's really good at "forgetting" about homework assignments until we tell him to go to bed.  "Oh, I wrote it down in my assignment book wrong.  It's actually due tomorrow!" or "Oops!  I forgot to log on to the computer and complete my Xtra Math!" Very convenient. 


His other favorite method is to sleepily walk into the living room, stretch, and mumble "I fell asleep, but I have to use the bathroom."  This is said while he stares at what we're watching on TV, of course.  He's good

Liam, however, has the BEST excuse of them all. He may be a little dude, but he has it all figured out. See, he mastered the art of holding in his poo until bedtime. 

It never fails.  A few minutes after we put him to bed he starts babbling.  Then the smell hits us like a slap in the face.

Yep, he definitely gets just five more minutes.  Every single night.


If you have a little one who is an expert at bedtime stalling, Netflix has a GREAT solution for you!

Just tell your child they can watch one more show before they have to go to bed!  You heard me right.  Netflix just launched Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites!  It's simply 5 minute episodes of the hit show!  Your little one will think they won, but really, you're the one who wins!

DinoTrux 5MF BB boxshot USA  en
DinoTrux 5MF TR boxshot USA  en
DinoTrux 5MF TS boxshot USA  en

And here's what's new on Netflix this month for families:

Care Bears   Cousins
Care Bears & Cousins (11/6)
Home (11/25)
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
The Spongebob Square Pants Movie (11/1)
(I think Home is going to be one of our Family Movie Night picks!)

I can't really blame kids for asking for just one more episode.  After all, I'm an expert at convincing myself that it will be fine to watch just one more episode of Gilmore Girls or Switched at Birth.  I tell myself, it will be fine.  There's no way I'll be tired in the morning!  

And sometimes, "just one more episode" turns into two.  Or three. Don't tell the kids, but sometimes it's worth it! 

Peace. Quiet. Netflix.  Truly, a mom's best friend! 

Tell me:  What excuse has your child used to get out of going to bed? #5MoreMinutes

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix, but all opinions are my own.  I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I receive service and additional products as compensation.




  1. My kid likes to just take her sweet time getting to bed. Most of the time I'm in bed before her waiting for her to finally get in bed.

  2. We have a staller too! She is notorious for always having one more thing to say, one more hug, one more drink...

  3. Mine always come out to use the bathroom. Or get water if I forget to put it in the room.

  4. Oh yes, it's always something at bedtime isn't it. :)

  5. Ohhhh bedtime. Always a crazy time. #TheStruggleIsReal

  6. My girls used to always go to bed easy peasy but in their old age they are mastering the stall, UGH! It drives me a little crazy.


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