Our Five Ring Circus: Spreading Comfort and Cheer with Kleenex®

Monday, November 23, 2015

Spreading Comfort and Cheer with Kleenex®

Last night was rough.  I battled a fever, body aches, nausea, and a headache all night.  By the time morning arrived, I had a sore throat and stuffy nose, too. 

If I'm not pregnant or nursing on Thanksgiving, I have a cold. This unwelcome illness arrived JUST in time! I ended up missing Lily's Thanksgiving party at her preschool today.  Instead of volunteering as planned, I could only muster enough energy to drop her off. I felt some major mom guilt, but there wasn't anything I could do.

'Tis the Season!  Cold and flu season, that is. It's very fitting that I just stocked up on Kleenex® at Sam's Club on Friday!


Kleenex® is a staple in our home.  As a family of 6, we go through it quickly.  I'm very thankful that Sam's Club carries Kleenex® so I can buy it in bulk at a great price! We purchased a Sam's Club membership just so we could get great deals on all the items we regularly buy!

My husband is picky when it comes to tissues, and prefers plain old Kleenex®. He always tells me it's better than any other brand.  I suppose it's a comfort thing. In my experience, it is softer and more durable than other brands!


We fill our home with Kleenex® comfort. However, kids need a little comfort away from home, too!

It's just as important, especially during the cold and flu season, to spread the Kleenex® comfort and cheer to the places where our children spend a lot of time: their classrooms.  From wiping noses to drying tears, Kleenex® is there to help!

Shortly after my son started preschool, I spent some time in his classroom.  I couldn't believe how many tissues the kids went through in just one short hour! That was a learning experience for me. Since then, I regularly donate boxes of Kleenex® to my kids' classrooms.


If you have a child who attends school, please consider donating a box of Kleenex® to your child's classroom.  I'm certain the teacher would be very thankful!!!

An added bonus to purchasing Kleenex® brand facial tissue?  All those box tops to give to your child's school!


Although I prefer to purchase the Kleenex® Facial Tissue Mainline Club Pack at Sam's Club, they also carry:
More information about getting a Sam's Club membership can be found HERE.

As for me, I'll be going through a lot of Kleenex® over the next few days! Hopefully I can kick this cold before Thanksgiving!!!

How do you spread a little comfort and cheer with Kleenex®? #SpreadKleenexCare

Thank you to Kleenex® for sponsoring today's post and reminding me how important it is to spread a little comfort and cheer during the cold and flu season!


  1. I got this one too and wondered if maybe you did as well.


    Love those box tops!


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